The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Emma Finally Loses a Tooth

She did it!!!!  She finally pulled her loose tooth.  Emma has had a loose tooth for over a month and it was barely hanging on.  She is 7.5 years old and had never lost a tooth, so she was scared it would hurt and refused to let her dad pull it even though it was ready.  One morning while laying in bed she finally did the deed and twisted her tooth and it came right out!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

River Mullet to Summer Bob

While on our river trip Beth noticed that Polly's hair was different. I looked closer and realized it was!  Both front sides had been chopped off.  I hadn't even noticed. I asked Polly about it and she said she cut her hair before we left in Ryan's room.  I couldn't believe it!  She had given herself a river mullet!!!! Her beautiful long hair was now completely uneven.  So, when we got back from our trip I took her into Beth so she could even it out and we decided to just make it all even and give her a summer bob.  It turned out adorable!  Polly knows now that only Ms. Beth is allowed to cut her hair.

Polly's uneven mullet

When we got home from our trip I found the evidence
in Ryan's room just like she told me.

Cutie patootie with her summer bob!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

River Trip

We had a fantastic, fun, whirlwind trip to Austin and New Braunfels with good friends. We packed a ton of fun in four days and made some great memories. The Jackson family joined us for an afternoon and night in Austin and I got to see both Cindy and Olivia.  We stayed at the iconic Austin Motel on South Congress and hit lots of Austin staples: Shady Grove, Home Slice, Amy's Ice Cream, Ojedas. 
Then we traveled on to New Braunfels where we all met up with the Dellers and the Stumps at the cutest cabins EVER! We spent 3 days in New Braunfels where we swam, floated the Comal, went to Schlitterbahn, grilled out, laughed a ton, fed the deer, went fishing, visited Gruene Hall and The Gristmill and just had a blast together! We all agreed this was one of our best family trips and we plan to do this next summer all over again!  Here are some of the pictures of our fun.

The kids at Shady Grove

Cindy Lu and I enjoying some Shady Thangs!

Beth and I at the Austin Motel pool


My big girl!

Ladies lounging by the pool

Poor Polly needed a nap.

Daddy took care of it.

My sweet middle.

Ry and Finn

Pretty sure Josh thinks I am nuts.

This girl and I have too much fun.

Liv, Lu and me!

Amy's Ice Cream

Family picture by the sign at night.

Early morning solo picture after my run.

Yum! Best breakfast!

Emma is so Austin.

The pool at our cabins was so big and so fun!

Lots of grilling!

Late night drinks outside

Emma and Elise

Ryan and AJ


Floating the Comal!

Polly flew off her tube down the shoot and I ran her over!
Chris and I both lost our hats, but somehow we recovered them, and Polly!

My favorite picture from the whole trip.
These two girls love each other so much. 

We found a local brewery!

Ryan slept hard every night, she was always last to wake up.

Cindy came to Schlitterbaun with us!

Two very tired girls after a long day at Schlitterbaun!

I ran every morning, it was awesome.

Polly loved feeding the deer!

Waiting for our table at The Gristmill