The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Polly's First Gift

The Porras family gave Polly her first gift. I can't wait to put her in this outfit and snuggle her in the blanket.

Tree is up!

Chris got our lights up outside and Ryan (and Emma for 10 min) helped me get our tree up. We are ready for Christmas!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fun day with Gran

The girls got to spend the day with Gran while we worked. They went to Sonic, had a picnic at the park and went to McD's for ice cream. Fun day!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a wonderful and relaxing 2 day Thanksgiving celebration with our families. Poor Chris was on a fire all Wednesday night so he spent most of Thanksgiving morning asleep but joined us at Uncles for lunch and football. He was pretty tired all day though. The girls enjoyed the hot tub and we got to play some cards too. It was great to see Claudya and Dustin! We spent Thursday with the Cox clan and Friday we went to the Ivies house. The girls loved helping decorate Gramma's tree and spent over 2 hours making artwork with Aunt Bethany and Gramma. I wasn't the best photographer so there aren't a ton of pictures but we had a great holiday. 

My virgin bloody mary.
Uncle always calls my babies "George" while in utero.
He is weird!
Dust Buster
We love card games!
Ryan and Emma have a secret closet play room at Aunt Rocks'
Tired Daddy with his girls.

Chris with all FOUR of his girls!
Emma's smile and her dirty feet crack me up!
Aunt Mis wanted Polly in the picture!
Too much turkey....

Helping Gramma with her tree.

Uncle Z overseeing it all.

Love my big girl so much!
(She wanted to match our outfits).
Artwork with Aunt B.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey makes Polly kick

Chris got to feel Polly kick for the first time the night of Thanksgiving.  She was moving like crazy when we laid down to sleep and he was able to feel her little kicks!  So cool!  It really is one of the best feelings. I cannot wait for the girls to get to feel it.


2009- Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful in 2014

Another year of gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for. Here are my top 12:

1. My family: blood relatives and in-laws. We get to live so close to so many, and it's wonderful!
2. Ryan, Emma and Polly: I get to be a mom to three girls!!!!
3. My husband: best partner in this life and a wonderful daddy to our girls.
4. My health: after being so sick in 2011, I will never take this for granted 
5. My job: I still find it fulfilling and rewarding.
6. My friendships: I have some of the best friends and a great support system. 
7. My parents: I get to see them almost every day. What a gift.
8. My body: the ability to grow another healthy baby amazes me!
9. My 8:30 bedtimes: I appreciate sleep more than I ever have in my life.
10. Books: I've read a lot of great books in 2014. Reading is still my favorite pastime.
11.Yoga: continues to change my body and my life, currently I am thankful for prenatal yoga.
12. Running- best release for me. I am eager to train for another marathon after Polly arrives.

I asked Ryan what she is most thankful for this year and she said God.
I asked Emma what she is most thankful for and she said Polly. 

Girls first attempt at a sleepover.

The girls have reached an awesome age where they play really well together.  Often times it is at bedtime and I hate to interrupt it, but I do!  The night before Thanksgiving was a C shift  and the girls were having a blast together in Emma's room at bedtime so I suggested a sleepover.  The girls have never slept together in our house.  Ryan is a very independent sleeper and never wants to try it.  On this night they both said yes (Emma about jumped out of her skin with excitement). They hopped up into Emma's bed and within a minute, and before I even turned the lights out, Ryan decided it wasn't a good idea.  She wanted to go to her bed. I knew Emma was going to be crushed so I suggested the sleepover move to Ryan's room and that I would pull out Ryan's trundle bed for Emma.  They both agreed to the idea, Ryan a little reluctantly.  Emma was yelling "I'm tho ecthited!". I got them all tucked in and took this sweet picture, I delivered a snack to each of them and turned the lights out. I got to lay in my bed and read for a total of 38 minutes before it was all over.  I even attempted to lay with them for a few minutes, but Ryan was over it.  She was ready to go to sleep.  I had to make Emma go back to her own bed.  It was pretty sad.  I thought we had reached a milestone, but we haven't yet.  We will try again soon!

Monday, November 24, 2014

We love baby girls!

And we get another one!  Baby Ivie #3 is another sweet baby girl! It was so fun to get to find out with the girls and our parents.  Usually, I am being sewed up while Chris makes the big announcement to our families and friends.  I really enjoyed getting to see the girls reactions.  I was not surprised she is a girl, but Chris was.  We can't wait to meet Pollyanna in April!  Here are the pictures that Mom and Peg took of the big day.
Blurry, but cute.  The girls walking in with Mamaw and Pa.

All of our family, waiting to be called back for the sonogram.


Profile of Pollyanna with her little hand up by her face.

This is a picture of her little legs, crossed at the ankles.