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The Ivie Family Blog

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween totally snuck up on me this year!  Chris and I didn't get our act together and had no costumes.  Ryan had wanted us to be Ariel and a Merman.  I was really hoping Chris would pull together his Merman costume, but he didn't.  Ryan backed out of her costume idea last minute so we were too busy dealing with that to throw together Ariel and Merrman!  Ryan's Sleeping Beauty costume was a little too big around the neck and when she had tried it on she got upset.  I had pinned it to make it just right but she refused to try it on after the adjustments were made.  She kept saying "It's too big".  Sigh.  She finally decided to be Snow White (a dress she already had), and at that point I didn't care what she was.  Emma was totally diggin' her Minnie Mouse costume.  She even wore the ears most of the night.  We started the evening at Mamaw and Grandpa's house.  Then, the Tharps joined us and we went to our regular street to trick-or-treat. It was fun.  Ryan and the boys were totally into it this year.  Emma was a little overwhelmed and spent half the time walking around and the other half being carried or on Chris' shoulders.  Here are some of the pictures of the cuties.

Emma was sick of  waiting on Ryan to decide what she was going to be.

Minnie did lots of posing!

She was finally happy and ready to go.
Mamaw was an orange crayon!

Ry really liked Mamaw's Halloween decorations,
Treat bags from Pa

Emma insisted on wearing her flip flops over her tights.

Mamaw and her girls.
Emma was the perfect little Minnie!
Flip flops and all!
My pretty Snow White.
Daddy and Minnie

Getting treats from Mamaw's neighbors.
Ry showing Pa what she got.
The girls waiting on the boys to show up.

Fireman Britton
Fireman Beckett

Minnie wouldn't slow down for a group picture.
Bunny was trick-or-treating too.

Beckett and Ryan took off!
Kellie and Britton
Mommy and Minnie

My girls!
Safe on Daddy's shoulder.
Tharp family!
We love going trick-or-treating with them!

We covered some ground this year.
And, without the wagon!
This house went all out with their decorations.
The girls loved it!

Going through our goodies.
Sweet Pea!
Happy Halloween!