The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dallas Zoo for Eliana's 6th Birthday Party!

Happy birthday to Eliana!  We celebrated six years of Eli at the Dallas Zoo.  The girls had a blast.

Birthday Girl
Her favorite part was the carousel.
We rode it first thing and last thing.
Emma walked most the day.
We got to hang out with Aunt Bethany and Uncle Zach!

The giraffes were incredible!
We got to feed and pet them! 
This was hands down my favorite part!
Pea thought it was pretty cool too!
Giraffes are so sweet!
Ry and Daddy
Taking a quick break in the stroller.
Riding the elephant!

Ryan and Mommy
Emma's turn!
An attempted group picture of the Ivie girls.
Snack time
Pawpaw helping Emma with her goldfish.

Daddy and Emma's turn to join Ryan on the carousel.
(I get motion sickness, so I gladly watched)
Happy Munch!
Emma was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.
Sweet baby

Emma is fifteen months old!

My sweet little Pea is not so little anymore. Holy moly! How is it that she is already 15 months old?  What a fun 15 months she has made for all of us!  Here is a short summary of all that she is up to these days.
Weight: 22 lbs
Height: don't know exact measurement but she towers over most two year olds!  She is TALL!
Size: 18 month clothes, 5.5 shoe size
Sleeping Habits:  YOU ARE THE BEST SLEEPER EVER!  I thought Ry was, but you take the cake on this one doll! I will brag a bit about this subject, because you have earned it. You are unbelievable!  I owe a lot to what I learned from Baby Wise and my anal regimented ways, but you get most of the credit! You have NEVER even slept with us!  Not once (besides the first 4 weeks of your life when you were in our room in the co-sleeper so we could make sure you didn't stop breathing)!  You love your crib and your own way of putting yourself to sleep.  We would get in the way of your routine if you were in bed with us!  I counted and in the last 6 months you have only woke up in the night 2 times and it was the past few nights because you have a stuffy nose.  Both nights you went right back to sleep after some medicine and a one minute cuddle.  Your daddy and I joke that sometimes we wish you would wake us up and come snuggle with us!  Then we laugh and say not really!  Our sleep and your good sleep is priceless, we will snuggle during the day!  You go to bed around 7:30 p.m.. It is a quick and painless process.  We read 2 quick books and then I put you in your crib with paci, Zeebee and I start your glow worm music.  That is it.  We sometimes hear you talking and playing for awhile (sometimes until 9:00!), but you never cry out. Your daddy thinks you fall asleep and then wake up and play and fall back asleep.  Whatever you do it is great!  You usually sleep until 8 or 8:30 and you wake up happy.  I usually find you playing in your crib.  You still take 2 naps.  One 2 hour in the a.m. and an hour and a half in the afternoon. Our busy life has made you skip a nap here and there and you do just fine.  In a few months, in preparation for preschool in the fall, I will start transitioning you to one long afternoon nap.  I will enjoy the next few months of your two naps! (I get a lot of blogging done and coffee drank during morning nap time).
Favorite Foods: Babes chicken (anything on the menu), bananas, mac n cheese, ice cream, Chinese food, beans, chicken nuggets, french fries, Eggo waffles, eggs, goldfish, cheese, gogurts, Happy Meals.......
Yucky Foods: berries, green beans (that is about it)
You Love to: wrestle and tickle with Daddy, play with your piggy bank, paci, Zeebee, sit in booster seats, go on walks in your stroller, play in your room alone, read books, watch movies with Ryan, pet your dogs, play outside in the yard, color with sidewalk chalk, swing in your new swing, take all the blocks/legos out and then put them all back in the container, throw everything out of your crib, bath time with Ryan, going down the slide solo, climb anything
New Things You Do: say "muh" for more (almost always in reference to food), run everywhere, babble all of the time, push Ryan back when she pushes you, big open mouth kisses on command, temper tantrums (throwing yourself backwards and intentionally hitting your head when you are told "no"), you have really started participating at library story time!
You love your swing!
Taking in the new view!
Zeebee is always with you.
You are such a happy, low maintenance little girl.
You love the open gym on Tues/Thurs mornings at the Rec Center!
You love the parachute at the library, just like Ryan does!
Mamaw is the best!
You run all over the place!
You are always on the move, my little busy bruiser.
You are a sneaky bunny thief.
You find many ways to get back at your sissy. :-)
Look at all that hair!
Best kisses ever. 
 I ask for them over and over again. We all do!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Preschool sign up for Pea

Last month we signed up Ryan for preschool again next year.  We didn't think we could sign Pea up because she turns two after January 1, 2013. I was a little bummed that she would have to wait a whole year more to start.  She loves other kids and does so well at Kids Club, library story time, and Sunday School that I know she will enjoy preschool as much as Ryan does.  This past weekend I took Ryan to a birthday party of a friend of hers from preschool.  I got to talking with the other moms about how much we love Fielder ECC and I mentioned that my younger daughter just misses the cut off to start next year.  The mom of the birthday girl, who also has a set of twins a few months older than Emma, told me she thought they would let Emma start a little early since she is only 28 days shy of the age limit.  I thought about it and talked to Chris and decided to call the school and see.  I am not sure if anyone remembers my post about getting Ryan signed up for preschool, but it was competitive and stressful!  Thankfully, once you have a kid enrolled it is a piece of cake to get your next kid in.  And, when I called they told me they would make an exception and let Emma start next year.  I was suddenly sad when the nice lady told me that she would add Pea to the Little Ducks (youngest age) two year old class. I had hoped they would let her start and at the same time I also hoped they would not!  I know it will be good for her, but I am not sure I will be ready for it all!  If they had told me no then I wouldn't have felt like I was holding her back, we were just following the rules.  I could have savored one more year of her at home all the time. I almost said "never mind, I think I will wait until next year", but I didn't.  Then, I almost called her back the next day to take Emma off the list.  But, I didn't.  I cannot only think about what is best for me.  It will be great for her. She will have the same schedule that Ryan has right now (Wednesday and Fridays 9-2:30).  And, Ryan will also be going to school on Mondays next year so I will still get some alone time with Emma Monday mornings. It will be great. She will make new friends and learn so much. And, if she doesn't enjoy it I will pull her out.  It's that simple (I keep reminding myself). Chris and I won't know what to do with ourselves on Wednesday and Fridays!  My second baby is already going to start preschool next fall.  WTH!??!? Does this ride ever slow down?

Munch loves her Murph

So does Bunny.

Hair Trim and PinkToes

Ryan has long and beautiful hair and until this week she had only had one haircut. We have been letting it grow ever since that first cut and her bangs are finally all grown out.  I love how pretty and long her hair has gotten, but it was starting to look a little scraggly at the ends.  I decided she could use a trim to even it out.  She was not a fan of this idea because she likes her long "Tangled" hair (like Rapunzel).  I had decided to bribe her with painting her toes if she let me take her to get a haircut.  She agreed and was very excited about her pedicure.  Gramma came over for a visit and reminded me that she was a hairdresser back in the day.  She offered to do it for me and I gladly handed her the scissors! One less public battle for me! Ryan did great (Gramma did even better, cause Ry wasn't a very still client) and she got pink toes afterwards.
 First time to get her toes painted!

 Tiny little toenails!

 Haircut #2

Thanks, Gramma!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Polar Bear Club

Who says April is too early to swim?!  I DO!  But, not Mamaw and Pa!  All it takes is a dare and a few commands from Ryan and they were diving in the pool.  The girls and I hung out on the steps.  It actually felt pretty good. The weather has been beautiful and we are super excited for summer!
I just signed the girls up for swim lessons!  This year Ryan will be getting in the pool alone.

Sweet Pea with her sweet pout

I was not as brave as Mamaw and Grandpa!
Naked, as usual!
Here comes Emma!
Swinging with Mamaw
White hiney!
"one, two, three, go Mamaw!"
I still cannot believe she jumped in!
Lots of sand in cracks!

Ryan, doing her part to keep the pool clean.
Coolin' off after her work.
"No way, Pa!"
Emma and Zeebee on the shuttle bus after church.

Munch loves riding the bus.