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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Wow! We had a jam packed Easter weekend.  I think Ryan and Emma each did a total of 4 egg hunts this year!  They were both totally into it this year and is was so much fun.  Saturday, Chris was at work, so after the wedding, Mamaw and Pa helped me take the girls to the Pantego Easter party.  The Tharps met us there! The kids did an egg hunt, saw the Easter Bunny, rode the train, painted pots for an Easter plant and played on the playscape.  After that, Mamaw and I took the girls to the Ennis family Easter celebration we were invited to. Eily is Ryan's school friend whose mom, Kelli, is now one of my best friends. We had a good time there too, but my girls were so tired that we left pretty quickly to avoid the big meltdown in public! 
Then, on Easter Sunday (after a great night of sleep), the girls enjoyed their baskets from the Easter Bunny, they hunted the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid at our house, we dressed up and went to church, and then had another Easter egg hunt at our church after the service.  We packed a lot of Easter activities in one weekend!  It was a lot of fun!

Pa, Mamaw and the girls walking up to the Pantego Easter  festivities.

Waiting for the egg hunt to start is always torture when you are 2.
The girls best buds: Beckett and Britton

I love my sweet parents so much!
Only Pa would rock a dandelion in his hair!
Nice touch, Pea!
Flashbacks from Santa!
The kids played with the statues while we waited in line for the train.
Pa was so helpful entertaining Emma while we waited.
Ryan too!
She likes to do what she wants to do,
walk where she wants to walk
whenever she wants to.
Don't try to stop her or she may throw herself on the ground and then take off her diaper!
The train ride is always a hit!

Painting pots for their Easter plants.

Seeing what the Easter Bunny brought!

The Easter Bunny brought the girls swimsuits, flip flops, baby chicks (not live) and candy!
Many faces of Pea 

Easter egg hunt!

We tried VERY hard to get pictures of the girls before church.
You will see how cooperative they were.
Ryan refused to look at Chris.
This is the best one of us girls!
They were so happy to take this (yeah right!)
Apparently Emma just wanted her own head shot.

Ryan ripped out her hair bow, Chris took this picture and then we gave up.
Ready for the egg hunt at church!
Ryan liked wearing her "alien ears".
Every time I took my eyes off Emma she was trying to break the ribbon!

Once again, Ryan is about to remove her hair clip.

I think Ry was over it at this point.
Or maybe I had just tried to put her hair clip back in???
At this point, I probably had the same expression!
Ivie family Easter 2013
Our one family shot- this was as good as it gets!
On the bus headed back to our car.
We were all so happy that Mamaw joined us!
I am Eastered OUT!