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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kindergarten Round Up

Is this really happening?  How is it possible that we are registering our tiny Munch for kindergarten??  It is a weird feeling.  The time has arrived. We went to kindergarten round up tonight.  I didn't get a chance to take any pictures because the whole experience was quite stressful for me! I was THE mom who showed up to kindergarten round up without her future kindergartner!  Although Chris was with me, I cannot lump him into the group- I am alone in this clueless group.  For some reason (I swear someone told me) I thought that the round up was just for the parents to register the kids and then later in the summer we would bring Ryan up to meet the teacher and see the classroom.  Well, I was half correct in that assumption (I swear someone told me!), there will be an opportunity for Ryan to meet her teacher in the summer, but kids were supposed to come to round up too! UGH!  I felt like such an idiot when Chris and I walked in, after just dropping the girls off at my parents, and looking around at a bunch of kids.  Chris said "Jess, I think we are supposed to have Ryan with us."  I made a quick right into the school office and asked "are we supposed to have our kids with us".  "Yes, of course", replied the secretary. "The kids get a tour and can meet all of the teachers while you turn in all the paperwork and get your child registered."  Blank stare from me.  "Paperwork???" I asked.  I had none.  Then, she went on to list off the 8 things I was supposed to have with me.  UGH!  I felt like crying, and I almost did.  Ryan's elementary school experience hadn't even begun and I was already appearing completely incompetent and unorganized to these people! Thankfully, a sweet secretary saw my look of defeat (and maybe my eyes filling with tears), and spoke up and told me I had time to run grab Ryan and my paperwork and come back.  So, we did just that.  Chris dropped me off at our house so I could start going through the file cabinet and he ran to get Ryan.  Poor Ryan, she was excited and nervous when they picked me up to head back to Hill.  She had been excited to hang out with Mamaw and Pa, so the change of plans had her a little anxious.  We reassured her that we were not leaving her at her new school.  We were all going to stick together and just check it out.   She felt much better with that reassurance and I had no idea I was telling her a complete lie. When we got there the kids were lining up at the cafeteria door and all of the parents were still seated.  The next thing I know, a sweet lady grabbed Ryan and ushered her out the door with the other kids to start the school tour.  All I saw was Ryan looking back at us and her tiny chin start to quiver.  At this point I almost started bawling! Now I was the crazy, clueless mom who also lies to her kid!  Chris got extremely uncomfortable seeing Ryan upset (he may have been close to crying too, because he got very mad at me, which happens when he is upset).  He couldn't believe that I (we) didn't go with her on the tour.  I knew I needed to turn in my documents so I didn't know what to do.  I was literally standing in the cafeteria frozen and completely flustered.  Thankfully, Chris took care of the situation and hopped up and joined Ryan on the kid tour.  Such a good daddy.  Only one parent really needs to do the boring registration part, so he made the right choice (for my sanity and Ryan's well being).  Plus, he later told me he really wanted to see the school too.  After that, things went pretty smoothly.  I got all of Ryan's documents turned in, I spoke with the nurse and completed the on-line registration.  I even got to go on a little of the tour too.  Ryan was all smiles when I rejoined her and her daddy eating cookies with all the kids in the cafeteria. Ryan had found a bunch of her friends from Fielder, her dance class, and Mamaw's neighborhood.  She looked excited and I finally felt like I could breathe normal again.  Hope the kindergarten experience improves for me from here on out! I have no doubt that Ryan will have an amazing time.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Drive-in Movies

Chris planned our Saturday night family date!  We went to the Coyote Drive-In Movie theater in Fort Worth.  We saw Rio 2 and it was SO FUN!  Chris has the best ideas and he put the blow up mattress in the truck bed.  The girls were in heaven, eating popcorn and watching the movie under the stars.  We will definitely be back.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

What a fun Easter we had this year.  Four egg hunts total, 3 parties and lots of smiles and giggles from my girls! 

Ryan and her classmates, excited for their Easter party.

Ryan is such a lucky kid.
She was the only one that had BOTH parents at the party.

Ryan's first egg hunt of the year.
(Emma had one too, but parents don't help with her parties- next year!)

Emma and Daddy
 at the Pantego Easter Egg Hunt

I LOVE this picture so much.

Emma, Beckett and Britton liked the water!

Emma didn't want to sit still for a picture.
We went to Eily and Emory's grandparents house for
another egg hunt and party.  Ryan finally braved the zip line!
(Emma did it immediately, Ryan didn't get the guts to do it until
the end of the party).

Easter morning.

Ready for church.
She insisted on wearing this dress, not the dress I had in mind.
She looked cute though and got all ready by herself.
Emma was clingy and grumpy on way to church.
(She also insisted on picking out her outfit- so much for matching Easter dresses!)
I pick my battles.

My pretty girls!

Final egg hunt at church.

Emma perked up!

LOVE this girl, and this picture!
We painted bird houses Sunday afternoon.

It was a happy Easter, for sure!