The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last week Meredith and Eliana came over and watched the girls for me so I could go to my weekly Bible Study (Chris was at work). Meredith got this cute picture of the girls taking a bubble bath.

Emma's First Birthday Party!

Your first birthday invitation

The theme was "sweet pea" with lots of sweet treats!

Aunt Rocks made the beautiful cake and cupcakes!

I was so excited when I found these!

The party favor was a sweet pea flower and a free ice cream.

Ryan had a cupcake before anyone arrived!

Mommy with her Pea.

Daddy and his baby girl.

We borrowed the Tharps boys mini bounce house.

Emma had to watch Eliana for awhile before she got in.

Emma pushing her new stroller from Aunt Meredith and Eliana.

Birthday hug from Papa!

Yay for Emma!

So proud of our little girl.

She wasn't sure what to do when we were singing to her.

Going for it.

Getting serious now!

Giving Daddy a taste.

"Okay Mom, I'm done!"

Party girl Ashlyn

Kristen and Brynn


Emma playing with Piper and Ash.

Gramma helping Emma sit at the mini picnic table.

Eli and Ry helping Emma open her gifts.

A new book from Aunt Meredith!

(she picks the BEST books)

A new outfit from Ashlyn!

Puzzles from Gran and PawPaw!

Pink Toms from Gramma and Papa!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

Thank you to everyone who came to her party and for all of the generous, thoughtful gifts.

We are so lucky to have so many friends and family members who love our Pea.

Two and a Half Years of JOY!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

One year letters to our Pea!

My Sweet Pea,
How can it be that it is time for me to write you a one year letter???? I just had you. I just found out I was pregnant with you. It all seems to go by so fast. Too fast. Because I learned just how fast it flies by with Ryan, I have tried to slow things down and not look forward to the next "first". Firsts, lead to lasts. I don't like lasts. I would love for time to just stand still for a couple of years. I love the way you are right now, and I want it to last longer. You are not listening to my requests though. You have decided to do everything ahead of schedule! You are already walking and are so tall that you look like a 15 month old. My little baby girl has turned into a toddler while I blinked. Right now, a few of the things that I absolutely adore about you are: your toothy smile (still with slight fangs), your ability to destroy a room in 5 seconds, your drunken sailor walking, your open mouth kisses, your belly laughs, your ability to play alone, your love and admiration for Ryan, your sweet little round head, the thin layer of peach fuzz you have, how you love to rough house with your daddy and sister, how Zeebee comforts you, the ease at which you put yourself to sleep, how you clap and dance at library story time, your bright blue eyes, your sweet dimple, how you reach for/crawl to/walk to/cry for me whenever you are upset or sleepy, your babbling and high pitched shrieks, your long and pretty legs, how tough you are, your dimpled bottom, how you gulp down bath water and bubbles, your sweet smell, how you love to snuggle and be held.......I could go on and on. I am head over heels in love with you. The bond I have with you is like no other. You are my girl. We have already been through so much together. Most of the craziness was within the first month of your life, but it has shaped our relationship forever. We never left each others side when we were sick. I stayed in the hospital and by your side the first 5 days when you were in the NICU. You stayed with me the nearly two weeks I was so sick and in the hospital a few weeks later. It was such a comfort to have you with me. I hope that we can always be a comfort for each other. I get to put you to bed every night. It is my job/privilege. I come close to tears so many nights looking down at you taking your bottle, your big eyes looking up at me. I am so thankful that I was trusted to be your mom. What an awesome gift you are. I will cherish every moment. You are my little buddy, my little snuggler, happy to be on my lap or on my hip. I'd keep you there forever if I could. I love you little girl. You are my sweetest pea.
Love you to the moon and back!

Emma Lou,
You are the best gift a daddy can ask for. You made me very nervous when you were born and now I can't even remember the time in the NICU. You have such a sweet and playful personality and are a great little sis to Ryan. I can't wait to hear what that sweet little voice is going to sound like. I am very proud to be your daddy and am excited for all of our stories we will make in the future.

Growing a Sweet Pea

Emma- Here is a 3 post summary of you! We love you so much and you make our family complete. Thanks for being our Sweet Pea! I have loved every second of watching you grow!



14 weeks

20 weeks

26 weeks

32 weeks

38 weeks


6 weeks pregnant


Lake Travis

12 weeks pregnant

Doctor appointment

3.5 months pregnant

Trip to Austin

At Toad Hall with our friends. No drinking for me!

Labor Day 2010

4.5 months pregnant

Daddys promotion

Halloween 2010

6 months pregnant

Thanksgiving 2010

7 months pregnant

December 2010

Diaper Shower

7.5 months pregnant

Christmas 2010

8 months pregnant

The night before my C-section.

Time to meet you!

My last pregnancy profile picture with my Sweet Pea.