The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Our Favorite Guy!!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Chris/Daddy!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

33 today!

Thanks for being the best Daddy

Thanks for being the best husband/friend.

Today Ryan and I celebrate you!!! Happy Birthday! We love you!

Ryan Layne's First Christmas

What a great first Christmas for little Ryan Layne Ivie! She is so loved by so many and we are so fortunate. We celebrated 3 days in a row and Ryan was such a trooper. Chris had to work on Christmas Day, so Ryan and I went to the station to eat and hang out. It was a great holiday that went by way too fast. I took lots of pictures of all of the fun! Ryan says THANK YOU for all of her gifts!

Santa brought Ry a new play mat

(in preparation for her crawling!)

Christmas Day at the fire station

Ryan listening to Unc Unc, Aunt Mis, Aunt Tauri and Mamaw sing to her on her new IPod!

(that gift has made me cry more than once)

Christmas Eve dinner

A little snuggle time with Grandpa

Ryan in her new hiking backpack! (a gift for Chris too!)

A favorite gift

Love these girls!

Aunt Meredith saving the day with paci!

Ryan got lots of great clothes from Gran and Pawpaw

Christmas Eve morning Ryan was the most engaged with opening gifts

Ryan and Chris out in the snow!

I am holding the best gift

Ryan (and Molly) checking out all her gifts that we opened while she slept!

We are admiring ourselves in the new full length mirror Chris gave to me

Chris opening his IPhone from Ryan :-)

Grandma Peg and Papa

Aunt Bethany

Ryan pooped out at Grandma and Papa's house

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yipee!!!! It is Christmas break! I am off for 5 days and so excited about it. Chris has to work Friday (Christmas), but we get him the other 4 days. We are not traveling so it should be fun and restful. We will get to spend time with all of our family over the next two days. Ryan and I plan on visiting Chris at the fire station on Christmas day. There will be lots of time to snuggle and play. I am so excited to get to start Christmas traditions with our sweet daughter.

Random pictures from our week:

She is much more limber than her parents


Getting bigger

Wearing the cutest outfit from her buddies Britton and Beckett

Station One C shift Christmas Party

What a handsome Daddy Ryan has!

My munchkin (I like to call her munchie!)

Still all gums

She can actually sleep like this

Ryan helping Daddy open an early birthday gift

Squeals of Joy!!

Ryan loves to make high pitched squeals and shrieks! It cracks us up and can occasionally hurt our ears :) but they are happy sounds so we love it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Well this month is F L Y I N G by!!! Hard to believe Christmas is ten days away. We have been so busy, it is sneaking up on us. We have something going on every night this week. I am tired! The things we are doing are fun and exciting, but I am looking forward to a 2 day work week next week and lots of relax time at home with my little family.

We finally got to do some Christmas shopping last Friday and are actually close to done. We need to get little Ryan a few more things, but I have a feeling she is going to get more than enough from all her extended family. Over the weekend we also enjoyed the Arlington Parade of Lights and a visit with Santa. I had lots of fun pictures to choose from this week.

We hope the bow distracts from her thighs!! :)

Her new favorite Xmas p.j.'s

(and my favorite new picture of her)

Saturday Ryan had a bit of a tummy ache and all she wanted to do was

lay on her daddy. He was okay with it. :)

Waiting for Mom and Dad to get ready to go to the parade

On her way to see the lights

Enjoying the cool weather and a hot cup of coffee

We loved the "Flying Elvis'" entertaining us before the parade

Ry caught a cat nap before the parade. She kept me warm.

I LOVE this picture of Chris. He is the BEST dad.

Mamaw got some snuggle time too

Ryan's first meeting with Santa

and Mrs. Claus

My friend and co-worker Beth Belk came to visit Ryan

Ryan with her buddies Britton and Beckett

(playing touch the baby to your rights face)