The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, October 31, 2010


What a day! We had a fun filled Halloween day! I was so glad Chris was off and that we got to spend the day together with family and friends. We got to have lunch with the Wimberlys and Tharps. Afterwards we stopped by my parents for dessert and so my mom could love on sweet Ashlyn and give her a Halloween treat. After Ryan's afternoon nap, and my trip to get a quick pedicure, we went to the Pantego Halloween Festival with my parents. The Tharp family joined us and we had fun admiring all of the cute costumes. Ryan also got a head start on trick-or-treating. This festival will be a lot of fun in a couple of years when Ryan and Baby Ivie #2 can do all of the fun games and activities. After the festival Chris, Ryan and I went trick-or-treating on a street in our neighborhood that is shut down for Halloween. Ryan loved being able to run all over the street and we loved that we didn't have to worry about cars. There were tons of kids and Ryan thought it was so fun! I wasn't sure if Munch was old enough to appreciate trick-or-treating, but she was! She may not have understood the purpose of getting candy but she sure loved all the people and being able to walk everywhere. Chris and I also had a blast! Doing things like this with your kids and watching their excitement is what it is all about! Ryan got TONS of compliments on her cute costume (thanks Mamaw!) After 30 minutes of trick-or-treating we headed home to pass out candy and get Ryan to bed. Good times!

Ryan checking out who is in her Mamaw's lap!

Mamaw getting precious smiles from Ashlyn

Kristi and Ashlyn

Kristi with the girls

Ashlyn is just too cute! She has gotten so big, but feels so little compared to Ryan!

Chris painted a pumpkin on my belly to include Baby Ivie #2 in the fun, but it quickly rubbed off. Oh well- we tried!

Ryan with her tattoo covered Mamaw walking to the festival

Munch the Ducky with Mommy

Ivie Family Halloween 2010

Ducky with Batman and Robin

Ryan was so excited to see all of the kids!

Grandpa saving the day with some string cheese

She wasn't so sure about this

Ryan's buddies Batman (Beckett) and Robin (Britton)

The Ivies and The Tharps

Time for trick-or-treating

She was ready to fill her bag!

Ryan's first house to hit

Such a big, independent duck

Little ducky legs got tired after a long first night of trick-or-treating

Her stash! Not bad for 15 months old!

Ryan going through her stash

Ryan helping Mommy pass out candy. She cried when the kids would leave. She wanted to go with them!

The "B" Boys turn ONE!

Saturday Ryan and I went to the Tharp twins one-year old birthday party! Britton and Beckett had a Halloween themed party and Ryan got to wear her costume a day early. She had a good time and actually kept the costume on for 2 whole hours. We were so happy to celebrate the boys birthday! These kids are gonna have so much fun together! Here a few pics from the party.

Ducky hanging out with Batman and Robin

Brynn was there too!

The boys enjoying their birthday cupcakes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

15 Month Stats

Wow-SO much has changed about our girl since last time I updated. I decided to wait until 15 months for an update on her stats. Blame it on laziness, the pregnancy, or the fact that we are on the move chasing Ryan everywhere!
Weight: 22.6 lbs = 45th percentile. Her thighs are thinning out with all the walking, marching and running she does! Many people comment on how "small" she is.
Height: 31.5 inches = 90th percentile. I will be surprised if she is ever below this! She may be thin, but she is not short!
Eating: Strawberries were the best thing ever until 2 weeks ago. Now she is into grapes. String cheese still remains her staple!
Sleeping: No changes here (thankfully). Sleeps 13 straight hours at night and still takes two good naps a day. We will hold onto these two naps as long as she will let us. She doesn't fight it at all, and sometimes gets her bunny and reaches for the crib to take a rest. A lot of the time I will give her a book and she will read to bunny and play for awhile and then lay down and rest when she is ready.
We are also hooked on our nighttime routine (Chris and I that is, and Ryan likes it too!) Usually between 7 and 7:15 we get Ry ready for bed and head to our big king size bed. Ryan takes a bottle of milk (which is still held by one of us) and rolls around and plays and snuggles with us until 7:30-7:45. It is the favorite time of day for all of us. Then we give her good night kisses and Chris takes her into her room with bunny and places her in her crib. She is out in 30 seconds. It is wonderful!
Size: 12-18 month and 18 month clothing, size 4 diapers
Newest Accomplishments in past 3 months: walking, running, (no more crawling). Ryan can say: mama, dada, baba (bottle), cat, eye, knee, pees (please), hi, bye, gaepa (grandpa), uh-oh, one, five, mamaw, moe (more), ow, yay!. Ryan can point out/show you her: eye, ear, nose, mouth, tongue, bellybutton, knee, toes. Ryan can climb up to the top of the big kid playground and go down the big slide. Ryan can go crazy at Chick-fil-a in the playscape with all the kids! Ryan grunts at us and shakes her finger at me when I tell her "no" (I can only imagine what words she would say). Ryan helps get dressed by putting her arm through the holes and trying to put her socks and shoes on. She can comb her own hair, wash her own body,and attempt to help brush her teeth. Ry gives the best kisses, when she wants to. (I think Grandpa probably gets the most sugar and Chris is a close second!)
Likes: Ryan loves Tuesday library time with Mamaw and all the other kids, running around after the older kids at the playground, helping Mamaw garden and picking flowers, anything outside, she still likes for mommy and daddy to hold her sippy cup and bottle :-) , playing chase and hide and go seek, rough housing with her daddy, time alone to look through all her books

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ryan's First Jack-O-Lantern

Pumpkin guts!!!!!!

She was real curious at first

Ryan was an excellent supervisor

Chris did all the work- it's what daddy's do!

Munch and Mommy

Munch and her pumpkins

Our First Ivie Family Jack-O-Lantern!