The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Emma's First Movie Theater Experience

We took Emma and Ryan to see Monsters University at Studio Movie Grill. It was Emma's first movie theater experience.  She did great.  She mad it almost the entire two hours.  Both girls loved the movie.
Snacks always help, especially when there are a ton of previews.

My flash was a little bright!

Neighborhood Hero

Chris got an early morning call to our friends the Carlton's house.
Thankfully, it was a false alarm.  Jeffrey was thrilled to see the firemen!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pa's heart

It is awful to see your dad in a hospital bed.
Pa gave us all a scare when he ended up in the E.R. with chest pain.  It turns out he had three severe blockages in his heart and ended up with 3 new stents.  It was very scary and we are all relieved he is okay and back at home recovering.  

Emma sent Pa this video while he was in the hospital.  Both girls were really missing him and Ryan was so worried about her Pa.  When I told her that he was in the hospital the first thing she said was "oh no, did he threwed up?"

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Ivie #3!

It's official!  

Our traditional pregnancy test picture.
The four of us when we found out we were pregnant with #3!

Emma insisted on holding it.  Yuck!
My favorite!
Chris and Ryan crack me up.  Sweet Emma is cheering, and I am happy and excited!
Baby Ivie #3 anxiously anticipated in February 2014!

Flash back to the day the two of us found out about Ryan.
Flash back to the day the three of us found out about Emma.


We made a trip down to Spicewood to visit Unc Unc, Aunt Rocks and Tauri.  We had a great weekend swimming, boating, tubing, eating and drinking!  I failed to bring my camera so all I have is a few IPhone pics. Aunt Rocks got all the tubing pictures so I will have to add some when I get them from her. Both girls had their first tubing experience!
On  our way to Austin during nap time!
Ryan and Uncle making breakfast

They loved the boat!

Tubing wears you out!

I was worried Emma couldn't breathe when she fell asleep sitting up in her life jacket!
Ryan enjoying some ice cream.
Emma's first sunburn

Adult night fun after girls are asleep!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 2 of Ryan's swim lessons

Ryan is officially a waterproof fish!  These last two weeks of swim lessons were so worth it and the progress she made has been amazing.  She loved going and will be sad next week when she doesn't get to see Miss Susie and Miss Jenny.  On the last day of lessons we got to come watch the last 10 minutes to see what all she had learned.  She knocked our socks off!  It was Ryan (not even 4 years old) and two six year old little girls.  Ryan did everything they did.  We were so proud.  Here are a few of the videos that Chris got.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ryan's new accessory

Out of the blue Ryan decided she wanted to get her ears pierced.  We were hanging out at Mamaw and Pa's house and Ryan found a fancy pair of Mamaw's earrings and asked to wear them.  I told her she couldn't because she didn't have her ears pierced.  She looked at me and said "well, let's go get my ears pierced."  I smiled at her and explained what it consists of and how it hurts.  She didn't even flinch and the next thing I new she had her shoes on and her purse over her arm and was ready to go.  Chris and I needed to shop for a few things since the house remodel is winding down so we agreed to go to the mall. The whole time we were driving to the mall we were both convinced that she would change her mind.  We were wrong!  She marched right into Claire's, hopped up in the seat and picked out a pair of pink hearts.  She never hesitated and didn't even cry.  This kid surprises me every day!  Watch the video below. So big!
She was so excited and polite!

They gave her a teddy bear to hug.

She was so proud of her pink heart earrings.
My baby is turning into a big girl!

"Ooh Rock!"

Week 1 of Ryan's Swim Lessons

Our big girl is waterproof after 4 lessons!  Whoo hoo, Ryan!  She has made tremendous progress in the pool after her first week of lessons.  She was able to tread water and doggy paddle across the pool prior to her first lesson this year, but she wasn't crazy about putting her face in.  This year I signed her up for lessons with a lady and her daughter at a house about a mile away.  I had heard great things about this lady from a friend. I was a little nervous because the teacher has you drop your kid off and come back 30 minutes later.  Turns out I was nervous for nothing!  Ryan did great!  She went happily the first day and was so proud when we picked her up.  She said "Mom, I went under!".  The second day my parents took her and she was a little hesitant.  She earned a Barbie for going.  On the third day, I was at work, so Chris took her.  This day she did not want to go.  Chris made her go and the teachers told him she would be fine and to leave even though she was crying.  Thank goodness he did, because Ms. Suzy was right!  Ryan had a break through day!  She jumped off the diving board (willingly) and swam all the way across the pool (under water) to the ladder and climbed out.  And then, did it again and again.  Ms. Suzy and Ms. Jenny were so proud of Ryan they let her show off for her daddy when he came to pick her up.  Chris was shocked!  We had no idea she would get this brave and this good after 3 lessons!  We spent Thursday evening at my parents house watching in awe as Ryan swam all over the place.  The best part was seeing how proud she was of herself.  She has one more week of lessons, I can't imagine what else she will learn.  After 3 days, I feel like I got my $100 worth!  Emma starts lessons in 4 weeks.

After her first lesson.

Showing off at Grandpa's pool after her third lesson.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

If I don't do anything else in life right, at least I know I picked a great Dad for Ryan and Emma.  (Or maybe i am lucky he picked me!) Chris is a one of a kind father.  I don't know any other kids that get to spend as much quality time with their dad as my girls do.  Chris is home with the girls as much as I am.  Many dads would not chose that. What a blessing that Chris does, and he enjoys it.  Chris and I are definitely a team in all aspects of parenting.  He does it all!  I don't know what I would do without him.  Both girls are absolutely crazy about him.  So am I!  Happy Fathers Day, Chris.  Because of the example you are and the strong role you play in Ryan and Emma's lives, they will  seek husbands like you.  Love you!

Ryan made this card for Chris at Sunday School

Emma made this.
I picked a "one of a kind" dad for my girls because I had one myself! And now, he is the BEST Grandpa to my girls.  Both Emma and Ryan are head over heels for their Pa.  I don't know any other Grandpa that spends as much time with their grand kids as my dad does.  He even babysits them by himself when Mom has other plans (for 9 hours solo!) - that is impressive!  He sees them almost every day, and checks on them all the time.  He is so helpful to Chris and me.  Dad is my go-to for advice and is always there for me.  I love him so much and feel so lucky to get to spend so much time with him.  Happy Fathers Day, Dad.  Thanks for all you do, and for setting the expectation for me as to what a good Daddy is.

Celebrating Fathers Day with Dad in 1985

We took Dad to lunch at Grease Monkey.
The girls got to see a train!

Love you, Dad!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ryan-isms and an Emma-ism too!

Ryan's Latest 

"Cannibal" - cannonball
"Grandpa, do a cannibal!"

"Bleeb" - to bleed
"Did you get a boo boo? Did it bleeb?"

"Threwed up" - to throw up
"Remember when I was sick and threwed up?"

Emma's latest
"I hold you"- will you hold me?
This is one of my favorite things that both my kids have said. It's a short lived request. I wish they said it forever!

Emma is also getting  into singing. Her favorite song to sing right now is Jesus Loves Me. As Grandpa kindly puts it, the kid is tone deaf! We all laugh and love it when she sings herself to sleep at nap time. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snow Cones

It's starting to get hot!  Good thing we have a snow cone stand around the corner!

Grandpa's Girl

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Neighborhood fun

Our good friends the Porras' moved into the house across the canal from us. We are SUPER excited to have them as neighbors.  Emma and Eleanor are close in age and will have so much fun together.  So will Emma and Eleanor's mommys!  Our other neighbors across the canal had a cookout to welcome them.  We had a great time, especially the kids!

The girls loves standing on the spill over.
Emma started this idea.
She was sipping her head in the water.
She had also eaten 3 chocolate cupcakes.
Eleanor and Emma = double trouble

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Uncle Zach Graduates

Uncle Zach graduated from high school and the girls celebrated!  Eliana was in town and we all had a great time at the party.  I got a few cute pics of the cousins.