The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Months Old

Two months old- getting bigger!

First bath with Daddy

All clean!

Fall wardrobe

Mommy and Ry

Ryan loves to sit like this now and look out at everything!


It was everywhere!

We had another week full of fun and laughs! The weather has been wonderful so Ryan and I have been on tons of walks. We walk 2 miles in the morning to meet Mom at Starbucks and then another mile to her house. It has actually been a little cool early in the mornings and I have had to put a jacket and hat on Ryan a couple times. I will really miss our mornings together when I go back to work in 2 weeks. I will have to soak up all of my morning time with her on the weekends. I am a little jealous that my parents and Chris get to have many weekday mornings with her :)

Chris started bagpipe lessons this week and we have been listening to him practice- not so sure if Ryan is a fan! Chris has a lot on his plate this month with studying for the promotional test at work and bagpiping! Ryan and I are trying to give him time to study both.
We took Ryan to have her two month pictures taken at Sears yesterday. You should have seen Chris and I trying to get that girl to smile. I am sure the Sears people thought we were crazy. When we arrived Ryan had fallen asleep, so at first we were just trying to get her to open her eyes. And of course she had spit up down the front of her dress. Oh well! When we finally did get her awake and smiley the dang photographer left the room. Of course Ryan gave her best smile then- so Chris "accidentally" took a shot. That didn't go over so well. In the end we got a few good shots and a bunch of funny ones! We will post the ones we bought when we get them back in a couple weeks.

The last event of the week to be blog worthy was the blow-out that occurred last night! OMG! Ryan and I were at my parents house watching the Cowboys since Chris was at work. We headed home (5 min. drive) with a clean diaper. When I took her out of her car seat at home it was a mess! There was poop everywhere. She had to go straight into the tub. There was no way that a wipe could have touched this load. It was so disgusting but Ryan thought it was hilarious. I kinda did too! She got to take a bath even though it wasn't bath night. I did not join her in the tub :)

One more bit of good news- she has made it 8 hours two nights in a row! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Social Girl

This picture cracks me up! This is how she sleeps

a lot of the time. So funny.

The Ivies love the Longhorns!

Her Texas jersey is her birthdate and has

Ivie on the back! Thanks Unk Unk!

Aunt Tauri is holding her seconds before we lost

the football bow!

Pretty in pink with Daddy about to walk into

wedding. She didn't make a peep!

My good friend Hun holding Ryan at

the reception.

Asleep in her favorite spot- on her Dad

Chris reads the paper to Ryan :)

Hanging with Mamaw watching Tauri sing

the national anthem and cheer.

Aunt Mis, Alayne, Mamaw and Ry at football game

Cute outfit from Gran!

We love Grandma Peg!

Another week of firsts! This week we were busy doing lots of fun socializing! We visited Grandma Peg, attended a wedding, went to Ryan's first football game, watched the UT victory with family, and found a pediatrician that we (especially me!) are happy with. It was a really fun week that went by too fast. I am starting to panic about going back to work in 3 weeks. Ryan is so fun and I LOVE this time with her. She is such a good baby and is so happy all of the time. I am cherishing every second with her. Sleep update: She made it 6 hours again last night!

I have discovered that I am NOT good at doing anything that she doesn't like. Examples of the things that I have trouble doing: tummy time, fingernail cutting, bulb suctioning. Thankfully Chris and my Mom are able to do these things for Ryan. I know that they are important, but man I hate to make her cry. I am going to be in big trouble if I don't get over this! There are going to be a lot of things in her lifetime that I will have to make her do (for her best interest) that she isn't gonna like. Chris is much better at these things. I will need some help! :)

My Morning Sunshine

I have the happiest baby in the morning! Some times I just watch her on the changing table for up to 30 minutes because she is so happy when she first wakes up. This girl loves to have her diaper changed ( she really likes to be naked!) So, when I get her out of her crib in the morning to change her diaper she is all smiles, and so am I!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Discovering the bottle and her thumb

In the first video Ryan is helping Chris hold her bottle.

The second video is Ryan attempting to suck her thumb. She will have to get a little better at it before we throw out the pacifiers!

Growing Girl

Such a serious expression- but she loved it!

Poor girl has a pale old mans butt!

Our hero :-)

(Chris is on the right)

We had a poop blow out and had to change outfits on the car!

...........Ryan didn't mind!

She is most smiley in the morning and when
she gets her diaper changed.

Asleep on Papa at Aunt Meredith's birthday brunch

Flirting with Papa and cousin Eliana

Gran and Ry

First thing in the morning

This expression makes me laugh every time!

We survived the first round of shots! Ryan had her 6 week visit with the pediatrician and she got all her shots. It was pretty sad- but I think it hurt me more than her. It was the first time that she did the delayed cry- where she held her breath for a few seconds and then let out the loudest cry we have heard come out of her. She settled down pretty quickly afterwards and really didn't fuss that much the rest of the day. Besides shots, we got Ryan's updated stats- she weighed 10 lbs 8 ozs (75th percentile), measured 23 inches long (90th percentile)! Looks like she is gonna be a long, lean girl! After the pediatrician visit we decided to go to my parents house to swim. We assumed Ryan would sleep after her traumatic morning and a dose of Tylenol. We had the monitor ready by the edge of the pool as she napped inside in her crib. This didn't last long. She decided she wanted to hang with us outside. She loved laying naked under the umbrella in the breeze. We decided to see how she liked a dip in the pool and she loved it! We can't wait until next summer when we can really play with her in the pool.

The past few days have been rainy and Ryan and I didn't get out too much. We did brave the rain the morning of September 11 to go see our favorite guy and to pay respect to those who died 8 years ago. Under an umbrella with Ryan strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn carrier we watched a memorial ceremony in which Chris participated in as a member of the Honor Guard. We are so proud of him and we said a little prayer together to keep him safe. Ryan slept most of the ceremony until they fired the 21 gun salute which scared the heck out of her!

I have 4 weeks left of maternity leave and we are making some progress towards sleeping all night. Ryan has made it 6 hours two different nights! The first time she did it we woke her up because we wanted to make sure she was okay, and because I NEEDED her to breastfeed. From now on I will just wake up and pump and let her sleep. If I can get her to sleep 7 hours in a row regularly before Oct. 14 my life will be a lot easier. I think we can do it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daddys Girl

Ryan has an "old man" butt- so says her Dad!
They both love their naps together!

Hangin' with Dad at work.

Dropping baby girl off at mt parents before we went out with friends (for a whole 4 hours!)

Ivie family

I realized that last week I posted a lot of pictures of me with Ryan and not any of Chris- so this week I made sure to take lots of pictures of Chris with her for the blog. It wasn't hard to do since in his arms is her favorite place to be!

Well, another week has flown by! My maternity leave is halfway over already. Hard to believe. Tomorrow is a dreaded day for us- 6 week visit to pediatrician for shots. I am not looking forward to it, but am so glad that Chris is off and can go with us! He is a lot better at handling these situations. I am not tough- I am having trouble making Ryan do 10 minutes of tummy time everyday because she starts crying 2 minutes in. Lately her Mamaw has been doing it with her (my Dad usually has to leave the room- guess I get that from him!) That being said - watching her get shots is gonna be awful! I am anxious to see how much she has grown. She can no longer fit into newborn clothes anymore. She is too long. I am betting that she weighs 10 pounds too! I think she may be going through a growth spurt the past two days because she has been wanting to eat every 2 to 2.5 hours. She WAS making some good progress towards sleeping through the night. She had been making it almost 5 hours until the past two nights. I must have been looking too well rested. I hope to get back on track tonight (fingers crossed).

We got to have a couple nights out this past weekend which was very fun. We missed Ryan, but knew she was in good hands with my parents. It felt good to get dressed up and go out with friends. I had to get an adapter so that I could use my electric breast pump in the car! That was a first- but was a necessity for me to be away from her for more than 4 hours. This past week Ryan and I also got to go up to the fire station and visit Chris at work. She got some good time with her Dad and I got to eat ribs with all of the guys. We both enjoyed it! Ryan's Gran came over today and we went to lunch and to Target do I could get some groceries. It was nice having her with me in the store- I wasn't quite sure how to get the carseat in the shopping cart. Now I will be confident next time I have to go to the store alone. I am slowly getting more brave!

In this video Chris is giving Ryan a pumped breastmilk bottle right before we go to bed. She doesn't really wake up for this feeding and makes the sweetest sounds when she eats. We both love it! You may need to turn up the volume to really hear it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These videos show just how expressive and active Ryan is getting. I could watch her all day- sometimes I do!


This is a picture of Ryan with her GG when she came to visit last month- she will be missed.

Sad face- she never cries like this so I had to post it!

She snoozes on our walks. We walked all the way to Mamaw and Grandpa's house!

We took our first bath together- so fun!

We finally caught it on camera! The cutest smile ever!

Her little thighs are getting some chub

The Karo syrup bow stayed on until bathtime!

She is all girl!

Ryan Layne Ivie at one month old (we are gonna take a picture like this every month so show how big our girl is getting!)

Little girl has really strated to show us her personality! Her smiles happen all of the time (except when I have the camera!). We get to see her left dimple all of the time- so cute! She got it from her Grandma Peg. She has started making lots of sounds that are so funny. She is so alert and really starting to interact with her toys. She has a new activity mat that her Grandpa got her that she can lay on and kick and bat at. She loves it- we spent 45 minutes watching her play on it one day! Such an active girl.

Although there were many happy things that happend this past week, there was also something sad. My Granny, Ryan's GG, passed away Aug. 27 at the age of 75. She will be missed by all of us. I am so grateful that Granny got to come visit us and spend some time with Ryan a few weeks ago. She loved me very much and was so excited to have a great granddaughter. I will treasure the pictures of her with Ryan forever. I was lucky to be able to attend the funeral in Amarillo this past Saturday. My Aunt Mis watched Ryan for 7 hours while I flew to Amarillo and back. She did great and came home with a pink hair bow!