The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow! This girl isn't wasting any time!

Emma is only barely 7 months old and she is pulling up to stand!!!!!
And, we can feel her first tooth!
Everything is happenening too fast!
She is a go getter, that Emma Reese.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Where is Mommy? And Daddy?

If you ask Ryan the answer is: Mommy is on the far left (yes, Princess Fiona) and Daddy is second from the left (yes, Shrek!). :-) Chris tried to get her to say that I was the donkey, she wouldnt go for it! Thanks, Ryan!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hanging with the Fam!

We made a trip to Gramma and Papa's house to spend some time with that side of our family. Gramma has a ton of great toys for the girls to play with! And, of course Emma enjoyed Annie. We all got on the floor and had a good time.

Whose gonna get to the ball first!?
This time Emma won


Barbies with Aunt Bethany!

SO much fun!

Uncle Zach supervised

Ruffle butt

I think Ryan took every toy out

Emma trying out the rocker

So big!

Watching Nemo with baby and Aunt Bethany

Scary part (bunny to the nose)

Terrific, Trying, Tremendous, Tantrum Filled, Thoughtful, Talented, Tender, Treasured, and don't forget Terrible


That is where we are. Ryan is the most fun that she has ever been, and she is also the most challenging. Bad kid, no. Strong willed, yes. Can it be exhausting?- YES! Do I love her any less?- NO! Will we survive? Hopefully!
The "Master Manipulator", as my sweet mother in law (Peg), so perfectly described this age. "Just like you were" as my sweet mother describes this stage. (I guess that should make me feel "better", or maybe it should make me apologize to my mom, I dunno.) I do know that I pray that my mom doesn't get to use that line during Ryan's teenage years. I think there is no avoiding it.
This weekend we saw multiple meltdown tantrums and it wasn't cute, or fun, or quick. I think Ryan averaged about 35-40 minutes on each one. Listening to an exorcism, while dodging her flailing arms and legs and also attempting to protect her from a head injury for one minute is exhausting. Needless to say, Chris and I are wore out! And very confused on what to do to minimize these incidents. She is very smart and understands a lot, way beyond her age, but she is only two. She cannot rationalize and it is very hard to effectively redirect, reason with and calm her down when she is acting belligerent. It is also very hard to understand when she throws a fit for no reason. Internal frustration, I guess. Ultimately it is because she does not get her way in some form or another. Lately getting dressed has been a battle. I try to let her pick out her outfit so that she feels that she has some control. Often she replies "no" to every option that I give her, so eventually I pick an outfit and then I have to fight her to get dressed. I was celebrating a few nights ago because she quit fighting us about wearing her winter pajamas. I guess I traded that battle for this one. Sigh. She starts school Friday, please let me figure this one out before then! If not, we will both be in tears when I drop her off. I guess that may help me be able to leave her there. :-)
We are currently experimenting with time outs and different forms of discipline to see what works. I am also about to hit the books! I swore by Baby Wise when Ryan and Emma were first born and I am going to read Child Wise by the same authors to get some guidance on disciplining. Thankfully, Chris and I totally agree and support each other in this journey. Our main goal is to be consistent and fair. Sometimes the easy thing is to give into her, but that is not what is right. That is not the lesson I want her to learn. We have to be strong and not give into her and teach her what right and wrong behavior is now. It is going to be work. Sweet Ryan is worth all of this. No one said parenting is easy. And what is easy is not always right. I keep telling myself that......

Sweet girl threw a fit and fell off the counter onto her nose.
Very sad.
(for once it was under Chris' supervision and not mine!

I had to mention that)

She got a pretty bad bruise.

We love her so much!

Stinky Bunny

She loves to smell bunny.

He smells terrible, unless I have just pulled him from the dryer.
This is her comfort.

And this is what it reminds me of.

Emma's 7 Month Stats

I accidentally knocked her down and she bumped her head before this picture
Paci made it better

All stuffed animals go straight to her mouth

Smiley again!

Weight: unknown, we guess around 17 pounds.

Height: LONG! We are about to move her up to the next car seat because she is so long!

Eating: Four 6-7 oz breast milk bottles a day (at 8 a.m., noon, 4 pm. and 7:00 p.m.) , three "meals" a day (at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.). Emma is eating all baby food and is really enjoying the organic pureed food that my friend Ashley is making her. She loves advocado, and jello too! This week she will drink the last of the breast milk and we will switch to formula. I started introducing her to formula bottles a few weeks ago and she has taken them just fine. Not a picky girl.

Sleeping: We have moved into a great schedule that allows two good naps for Emma. She takes a 2 hour morning nap and a 2 hour afternoon nap now. It is the same schedule that Ryan had from 6 months to 2 years. Emma's bedtime is between 7 p.m. now. and she usually sleeps in until 8 a.m. She is usually sitting up playing when we hear here and go to get her. We quit using a monitor, so now if she wakes up in the night to play we do not hear her and she puts herself back to sleep. Such a good girl. She naps now from 10-12 and 2-4.

Size: 9 month and 12 month clothing, Size 3 diapers, Size 3 shoes

Newest Accomplishment: CRAWLING! (I can't believe it! She started doing this at 6.5 months. Amazing.), able to sit unsupported forever, able to transition from sitting to belly and crawling and back to sitting, says "da da", slowly getting the hang of a sippy cup of water, able to feed self finger foods
Likes: Graduate Puffs, her new Sunday School class, playing with other kids, all dogs, sitting on play mat playing with Ryan, Giddy up Horsie, being tickled, playing crawling hide and seek, stuffed animals, books, snuggling, mirrors

It is hard to keep her on her back to change her diaper

She loves that baby in the mirror!

So do I!

Mama Ivy giving kisses

The Murph lets her pull his hair and whiskers all day

She is so busy now.

Emma's idol

These girls love firetrucks!

Lots of playing!

And lots of things in the mouth!

She sits like this a lot.


Quick transitions.

My sweet, sweet pea!

She is always so happy to see me when I get home from work.

Pretty sisters

Chris took this one night after Emma broke out in a rash and got really puffy.

We think it was because she ate eggs from Ryan's breakfast tray.

Chris gave her Benadryl and she slept well!

After her 7:00 p.m. bottle!

Tired girl after falling asleep in her swing.

(I think that was her third time to be in it!)

Emma hanging out with her friend Jeffrey at the pool

Picture Mom sent me while we were out of town

Hee Hee

Too cool
Love you Emma Reese!