The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spectacular Sunday!

Chris had to work today and I am leaving for Florida tomorrow. So, the girls and I made the most of our day together! The weather was spectacular and we spent a lot of time enjoying it. Today was one of the best "C shifts" that I have had with my girls. Love them so much!
We walked to church! So fun! Ryan pointed out things she saw and told me that God made them. My heart was full!
We ended the day by doing yoga together by the water. ❤

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Thunder Game 1

Team Thunder had their first game and it was such a blast!  Kellie and I managed the dug out and the batting order and the four dad coaches managed the field.  Every kid had a hit and scored a run (most did twice!). All of the kids played great and had so much fun.  This is going to be a fun season!

Coach Brad and Coach Chris discussing last minute strategy.
Ryan refused to wear her baseball pants and would
only agree to her gray leggings at first.
Not a cute look!
Britton and Emma playing before the first pitch!
Where's Pea Pie?
There she is!
(he was in Ryan and Eily's class last year)
Cohen and Carey
(he used to live behind us at our old house)
The Tharp boys!
Beckett giving Britton a pre-game choke!
Catherine and Jeffrey
I got the pants on her once she saw everybody else's!
Emma and Eily ready to play!

Ryan looking a little nervous.
I was shocked that she agreed to the hat!

She would wear the batting helmet (backwards)
the whole game if we let her.

Ryan at bat.
It took her a few swings, but she got a hit both times at bat!
Nixon running to first and Ry running to third!
Holding her helmet on!
Coach Jeff did an awesome job coaching first base.
Uriah running to first and Ryan headed home to score a run!

Her first score!
Britton at bat.
Mamaw helping me in the dug out.
Emma needed man to man.
Cohen at bat.
Jeffrey at bat.
Jeffrey running to his dad at first base!

Emma walking up to bat with her daddy.
Emma at bat. 
Nixon and Beckett in the outfield.
My ball players!
Emma, still standing.
She sat down and played in the dirt for one whole inning.
Team Thunder at the end of the first inning!
That is Emma under the hat!
Emma's second at bat!
(she batted both times, and made it all the way around the
bases! Not bad for a not even 3 year old!)
Emma, second inning in the outfield.
Jeffrey kept her company!
Scotty hung out in the dug out with us!
It was awesome to watch Chris have fun coaching!
(all the dad coaches did awesome and had fun!)
Nixon's Grandpa helping out!

All four coaches at work: Chris, Jeff, Bobby and Brad.
"Gooooooooo Thunder!"
Post game snacks!

We were very proud of both our girls!
They played hard and had fun!
Post game snooze on our way to a birthday party.