The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day 2014

I got to enjoy another Rangers Opening Day with some awesome friends!  It fell on a C shift again this year, so Chris only got to come by in the fire truck and eat.  Better than nothing!  I always love this day.  Great weather, food and fun friends! It is so much better than being at work.  Shout out to mom and dad for keeping the girls!

Corey and Cindy came in town for it.

My handsome fireman stopped by!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Team Thunder Home Opener

Team Thunder is back!  Spring season has started.  Love our sweet team!
We have a team of helpful parents!
Scrapper was a little whiney at first,
but she played awesome once the game got going.

"Gooooooo  Thunder!"
Chris is so fun to watch coach.  He is excellent with these kids. 
Post game hot tub action at Scotty's 5th birthday party!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Blog Books

I started the blog for the kids.  I print books every year so they will have them when they are older.  I want them to remember all the funny stories of their childhood.  I love that they are already enjoying looking at them.  They sat and carefully looked at them for over an hour one day.  Makes all the work of keeping a blog worth it!

8 books so far!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our family + Mamaw and Pa by Ryan

Ryan drew this at Mamaw's house and told her who each person was.
Emma on the ladder cracks me up!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yoga with Mamaw

Mamaw joined us for family yoga!  The theme was March Madness.  We had a great time and then we hit the Fort Worth food trucks!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Zeebee Who?

I think I may be the person most saddened by this.  Zeebee no longer plays an important role in Emma's life.  She pretty much pays him no attention.  Poor lil guy.  He spends most his time on her bed (when I make it), or stuffed in between the bed and the wall (when I don't).  He doesn't join us for outings and he doesn't comfort Emma when she is sad.  She no longer rubs on him to fall asleep.  This cute little Zebra who Emma handpicked as her lovie, and who has held up quite well (much better than Bunny) has been retired.  Every now and then Emma will ask for him, but more often she does not.  Occasionally I will ask her is she wants him at bedtime and I will bring him to her.  I always regret doing this, because if it's my idea it's a bad idea, and Zeebee usually gets thrown across the room. So, Zeebee sits patiently waiting for those brief, sweet moments when he gets cuddled.  I may start sleeping with him......

Mommy & Pea Pie

Thursday, March 20, 2014


St. Patty's Day 2009
I was 5 months pregnant with Ryan.
We ran a 5K that morning and then spent the day celebrating on Greenville in Dallas.
I was the only sober one!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I will push bedtime for this.

An promptu dance party to the Frozen soundtrack! With lots of giggles.  I just sat back and watched. And took pictures.

Our Family- by Ryan

I LOVE Ryan's artwork!  She is getting so creative and good!  She came home from school with a kite she had made that had this drawing on it.  I asked her what each thing was and she told me.  From left to right: rainbow, Murphy, Ryan (tallest person), Daddy (when I asked her what the circle was above his head she said "a Christmas ornament" - not a halo!), Me (with killer eyelashes), holding tiny Emma! Hilarious!  This is a keeper!I love how her people have no bodies, just legs coming out of their heads!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pattys Day Date

We hired a babysitter and got a night out on the town.

Chris giving Ryan a 'sober' kiss!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Growth Spurt

Ryan must be in the middle of one! She slept til 9:15 a.m. today (almost 14 hours) and she is eating like a horse. For dinner she ate a big bowl of pasta and then asked for some carrots and ranch. After she ate a big bowl of carrots dipped in ranch she asked for a bowl of Cheerios and milk. She crushed that and asked for some popcorn. As soon as she popped the last piece of popcorn in her mouth she said she was still hungry. I told her the only thing she could have was fruit or veggies. She chose fruit and then ate TWO heaping bowls of strawberries and blueberries! Wow! I'm full just imagining all that food in her tiny tummy! Good thing she is a thin kid and asks for healthy snacks!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


December 2008
Enchanted Rock with the Tharps
(pregnant with Ryan)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Ivie Family Camping Adventure

We got invited to go camping with the Ennis family over Spring Break.  We were so excited to take the girls on their first camping adventure. They had a campsite reserved at Enchanted Rock. The last time Chris and I were at Enchanted Rock I was pregnant with Ryan!  Chris loves to camp and backpack and had been wanting to take the girls to see how they would do.  We agreed that Emma was finally old enough to be able to hold her own.  We knew we would be doing a lot of hiking and didn't want to have to carry kids!
We headed out Monday morning and drove all the way there with only one quick stop (I was the only one who got out of the car and peed!). The weather was beautiful and the Ennis family had arrived about an hour before us.  Chris got us all set up, he is definitely the expert, I entertained the kids. We had a wonderful 3 days camping. We did a lot of hiking, one day we were gone for 2 hours and the kids didn't complain at all! Emma always wanted to be at the head of the pack.  Even if she lost a shoe, or fell down she would pop right up and run to the front.  She did not want to be left behind, or babied!  Ryan was also a trooper on the hikes.  She had a few falls and scrapes, but she always got up and kept going (sometimes after a few tears and some sympathy from the other girls). We ate awesome meals, because Master Camper Chris brought an awesome grill for us to use.  The girls LOVED sleeping in the tent and literally passed out the second their little heads hit their pillows.  We put them to bed around 8:30 each night and Ryan would ask for us to zip them up in the tent, and before we could get our whiskey and sit in our chair to relax by the camp fire she would be snoozing.  They didn't even budge when we crawled into the tent at midnight to go to sleep.  They were always both the last to rise too!  It was wonderful, because I had been skeptical about how much sleep we would get sleeping all 4 in the tent.  Ryan did get a little homesick, like she always does, no matter where we are.  She woke up the first morning in the tent and announced she was done camping and ready to go home and play in her room with her toys.  This happened a few times, but thankfully we are able to redirect her.  It was really fun having the Ennis family there with us.  The girls have so much fun together! We had lots of good conversations and laughs around the campfire while the kids slept. It was a great time and we are already planning our next camping adventure!
The girls relaxing while Chris sets up our tent.
The girls 'helping' Chris set up the tent.

Headed out for our first hike.
Ryan after her first fall.

Ryan being tough!
Emma rushing to get up the rock first!

Pea was on a mission

Love this pic of my big girl!
Emma hydrating.

Chris made sure the girls drank plenty of water.

Look at those girls go!

Love my littlest hiker!

Ryan taking a break in the tent.
The computers were a good distraction when
she missed home.
Emma loved the hammock that Bobby brought!

Bunny was camping too!

BEST Daddy!
Watching him enjoy new experiences with
our girls make me love him more and more!

Eily found an awesome walking stick!

My girls had no fear on some of the steep climbs!
Look who is in front!

Daddy and his littlest hiker!

Mr. Bob

Somehow Bunny made it to the top with us!

Sweet moment between Daddy and Munch.
We love the Ennis'!

This chick is an awesome friend.
I am so thankful that I have her to 'do life' with.

Emma wore this green shirt all 3 days.
She refused to wear anything else!
It was covered in dirt, marshmallows, chocolate.
Ryan took a 2 hour nap in the tent after our longest hike.
Sweet girls.

My favorite pic of the 4 of us from this adventure.