The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mamaw's Pictures

Ryan spends a lot of time at her Mamaw and Grandpa's house (thankfully, because I get to work and she loves it over there!) My Mom has her own camera and takes a lot of pictures of Ryan so I won't miss anything and so she can show her off to everyone! :) These are some pictures that she recently sent to me. They are from the past few weeks.

Ryan and Kate kissing :)
(BTW- mom dressed her, she only wears Texas Longhorn stuff at home)

(and her daddy would have a heart attack if he knew she was
wearing green socks with red and pink! Chris dresses her the best!)

Ry enjoying the snow at Mamaw's with her baby

Ryan snuggles her bunny to sleep at home. She snuggles her baby
Gran and PawPaw gave her to sleep when she is at Mamaw and Grandpa's

Sweet Ryan giving me snuggles after work
Ryan (AKA "Fluff" by her Grandpa) is crazy about her Grandpa

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday With The Ivie Clan

We got to spend some time on Sunday with Ryan's Grandma, Papa and Uncle Zach!!!!

I love this picture so much

The sweetest face

Ryan in her converse shoes and her "I'd rather be naked" shirt

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

Flash back- Chris made me this beautiful frame for me last year. I was 3 months pregnant with the darling in the middle

Chris made this for Ry for her first Valentines Day
(thanks for the idea Gary family!)

Ryan oversaw the project

"Look Mamaw- I got a deck of cards!"

Chris is now a mod podge expert

My Valentine girl

Ryan's first Valentine

Thanks Mamaw and Grandpa!

The Ivie's VD Brunch


Although it caused us to have no power during a rough weekend, we still enjoyed the 12.5 inches of snow that we got this past weekend. Chris was recovering from surgery so we didn't build any snowmen or have a snowball fight, but we did let Ryan experience it. Who knows when the next time she will see this much snow in one day in Arlington, Texas!


Chris had sinus surgery last Friday morning. It was supposed to be a "day" surgery but ended up being an ALL DAY event. We got to Parkland before 5 a.m. Friday (after 10+ inches of snow, no electricity, and Chris coming off a shift with no sleep). Somehow we managed to arrive 30 min early for the , driving in from Arlington. That wasn't the case for the OR staff. After waiting hours and hours not knowing if the surgery was going to happen we finally got confirmation that we hadn't wasted our morning after all. Chris was in the OR for 3 hours, and what was supposed to be a 45 minute to 1 hour recovery stay ended up lasting 4 hours! Needless to say I was freaking out not knowing what the delay/complication was. Turns out that Chris was "difficult to wake up"- AKA not breathing well. I finally got the full story after sneaking down into the recovery room and raising a stink! Long story short- surgery went well but Chris does not do well post anesthesia. We still are not sure why he had the breathing difficulties that he did. The doctors think it was a combination of medications, a small aspiration during extubation and exhaustion. We ended up getting to go home late that evening and Chris has been recovering well. No more breathing problems, just a sore nose.

My pictures are a little backwards. The first few are after Chris surgery at home over the weekend. Ryan had her first taste of donuts with her post-op Daddy. Apple fritters make everything better.

The next few pictures are pre-op (poor quality because they were taken with my camera phone). The resident had to mark Chris' nose for surgery in the waiting room. I couldn't resist!

Last kisses before they wheeled him away

Pitiful boy when he FINALLY started waking up in recovery