The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Ivie #2 Update: 17 Weeks

This isn't the best sonogram picture. The top is a profile of the whole body and you can see the hands and feet. The second is the skull- not sure why we want the skull picture to show family, but we have it!

We went for our second sonogram and my weekly Dr. visit! The baby looked perfect and the Dr. visit was uneventful. The sonographer and the Maternal Fetal Specialist doctor (because of my bp issues she scanned the baby too) both said everything looks great! One risk with prenatal hypertension, even when controlled by medicine, is restricted growth in the fetus due to decreased blood flow to the placenta. So far this baby shows no signs of this happening. Baby Ivie #2 was measuring 18 weeks- a whole week ahead! That was good to hear. At one point in the scan the sonographer referred to the baby as a "she", even though we told her we did not want to know the sex. She assured us later that she really didn't know what the sex of the baby was and that she didn't slip up- it is just easier to give it a sex instead of refer to the baby as "it". I guess we will find out in 21 weeks. We are leaning towards scheduling a C section on January 28, so I am almost 1/2 way there! I learned that I will have to continue to see my doctor every 2 weeks until delivery because I am on medication for my blood pressure- good thing I love her!

Ryan came with us to the doctor appointment.

Dr. Rosenbaum had been begging to see her!

My posse hanging out in the waiting room

She looked so cute!

Mamaw was a big help - as always!

Together again- 13 months later!

We love Dr. Rosenbaum- she delivers perfect babies!

A few pictures from our week

We finally finished our extra room remodel (well, it is 95% completed- that is complete in Ivie terms!). Ryan now has another playroom and I have an office/workout area with my treadmill in it. It is so nice! We are finally making good use of this space. Ryan loves to play alone in her new area. She jibber jabbers to herself and cooks at her kitchen. It is so cute! I am so glad Chris worked so hard to make us this room.

Headed to the Ranger game to watch her Daddy present the colors

for Firefighter Appreciation Night

She loved it!

That is Chris out there!

Nightly baths happen often these days.....

Ryan used to get a bath every other night. Things have changed. She feeds herself now and eats everything under the sun and loves to spread it through her hair. She loves her bath though- so it is just a bonus for her, more work for us! Ahhhhh, parenthood!

Baby Steps

This is not her best performance- but it is a quick video of her taking some steps. She can actually go further than this, but we haven't gotten a good video of it. Ryan is famous for not performing when we get the video camera out.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I lost my Granny, and Ryan lost her GG one year ago today. I think of her often and smile. She was my biggest fan and I lost her too soon. I am so grateful that she got to meet Ryan and fall in love with her two weeks before she passed.

Below are a few emails that she wrote to me and to Ryan while I was pregnant and after she met Ryan. She loved us a lot.

"To Baby Ivie‏"
Sent:Thu 4/30/09 4:17 AM

Good morning sweet baby, hope you had a really good rest MOST of the night, now I know you must play a little kick ball during the night just to keep Mom and Dad on their toes, we'll give them one more month of having it easy then we'll play lots and lots of football for most of the night you know how much gg loves football don't you?And some good kicks in moms bladder is really good to keep her running back and forth to tinkle thats always fun. Won't be long now sweet one before we'll get to see you and hold you and give you BABY kisses I love you very very much.


"Re: To Baby Ivie"
Sent:Tue 7/07/09 4:01 AM

Hey baby Ivie,

Mom says you are doing good and I really believe it may be time for you to settle down and let her get a little rest, or you may force her to make you have a new home before you really want to, out in this bright noisy world and no matter how much we all love you believe me you are so comfy and protected right where you are for another few weeks , so no more playing football, give the gymnastics up and rest easy and relax so you will be ready to make your grand appearance by 8/4/09 DEAL? GG loves you and your Mom very,very much and I can't wait to hold you and meet you.


"Thank you so much‏"
Sent:Wed 8/12/09 11:32 PM

You know how much I loved seeing and holding and admiring little Ryan, that time was so very special to this gg. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Words can't explain how much my heart is filled with the joy of getting to be with her. Wasn't too shabby being with you also and I want you to know how much I loved getting to know Chris, I think he is a real winner!!!!!!!What a great Dad for that little girl. I'd say he is a keeper. He may even be good enough for my Jessi.

Love you all


"Thank you for letting us all enjoy our little Ryan‏"
Sent:Thu 8/20/09 2:00 AM

Oh Jess she is so precious, and you and Chris show that she is so special. I've seen Coop twice since they got here and he is as handsome as Ryan is beautiful, He is little boy through and thru just as she is little girl from top to bottom, it's just so amazing to see them both. Little Miss Ryan Layne stole her gg's heart immediately just as coop did, but different you let me be part of her real soon and I didn't really feel that attatchment to Cooper until this week I love them both so much. Good to see Chris enjoying her so much. He is such a neat Dad and of course theres her great Mom,lucky girl. Aunt Olivia looked proud as she could be also.

Love U


Ryan's GG loved her

Four Generations

I will miss her everyday.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long Weekend Getaway

We took a long weekend and went to down to Hunt,Texas with a group of my best girls and their families! It was such fun! We stayed on a beautiful property on the Guadalupe River. We stopped in Austin on the way down and on the way home. We visited the Michel family on our way to the river. I failed to get any pictures, but we loved spending time with them. On the way home we stopped to see Tauri's dorm at UT and take her to lunch. Here are pictures of our fun time. And Ryan was a super trooper for the 5.5 hour car ride both ways! She also took her normal 2-2.5 hour naps twice a day and our monitor reached down to the river so we didn't miss a thing while she snoozed! :)
Ryan and Chase
Munch enjoying the hammock

Just waking up
(she slept GREAT all weekend!)

Helping cook in the kitchen.
We bought a bunch of groceries and all took turns cooking meals!
We ate very good!
My honey making breakfast
Liv and Dave enjoying their morning coffee on one
of our many decks overlooking the water!
My river rats
We all had so much fun splashing in the river all day!

Ryan loved to sit on the rocks
(and try to eat them)

The girls and the kids

Enjoying cold beers in the hot sun!
Hammocks rock!

On our patio
Cindy, CiCi, Melissa, me and Liv

The Men and Chiggy!
Corey with Chase, Dave and Chris

We played games and laughed a lot in the screened in porch at night

This picture makes me laugh!
(I was the only one sober!)

Ryan hanging with Tauri in her dorm room

future longhorn, longhorn graduate, current lonhorn

The Cutest One Year Old EVER!

Here are a few pictures from Ryan's first birthday photo shoot!

She devoured her cupcake- headfirst!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Munch Update

Ryan took 5 steps on her own yesterday to walk from the ottoman to me.
Ryan has TWO new upper teeth breaking through (maybe her snaggle won't be so obvious!). She is up to 7 teeth now.
Ryan has learned to grind her teeth. She grinds her one upper snaggle with the lowers- drives me crazy (probably why she does it).
Ryan can hold up one finger to show you that she is one year old (especially when Grandpa asks- he spent 2 weeks teaching her that trick!)
Ryan says the cutest "uh oh" when she drops things. I almost encourage her to drop things to hear it.
Ryan prefers to feed herself and stuffs her mouth with fistfuls of food (half of it makes her mouth the rest on the floor). Fried rice at a restaurant = bad choice.
Ryan still prefers to let Mommy, Daddy, Mamaw, Grandpa, or anyone other than herself tip her sippy cup up for her. Straws seem to be working the best for independent drinking.
Ryan is finished with formula and only takes 1-2 bottles of whole milk a day! She prefers water in her sippy cup and could care less about a bottle before bed now.
Ryan has NO FEAR of water. Her Mom does now!
Ryan's favorite thing to do is pull every book off of her bookshelf and pretend to read each one to herself. My favorite thing to do is watch her do this. We sometimes do this for an hour. I need to get it on video. There really is nothing sweeter than watching those curious eyes carefully examine the book and listening to that little voice babble while those sweet little hands turn the pages.
I couldn't be more in love with this kid :-)

Hook 'Em Horns

Tauri heads off to UT this week and we were invited to spend the day with her and eat a yummy dinner and swim! Ryan went decked out in her finest Longhorn attire (thanks Tauri!). We are all so excited (and a little jealous) for Tauri! She is going to have the best time in Austin. Going to college at UT was an unforgettable time for me. Hopefully Ryan will have that experience one day too. (Her Grandpa is convinced she is going to Tech.) The Ivies bleed orange though! Less than 20 days until football season!!!!!!!
Future Longhorn
Ryan and her Aunt Tauri

Two of the sweetest girls I know!

You can't tell in this picture but Grandpa had a UT shirt on too!

Ry playing with her Aunt Rox!

Big girl

Ryan skinny dippin' with Unc Unc
Ryan did a nose dive off this float earlier in the day.
She was so quick I couldn't grab her. Her Daddy fished her out.
She just smiled- scared the heck out of me! She has no fear!
Two bathing beauties (one with a cute white hiney!)
We love you Tauri!
We are so proud of you and can't wait to visit and see your dorm next week!