The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lazy Ivie Girls

Helpful Ry Pie

"Bye Bye Mickey!" she says as she does me a favor and turns the TV off for nap time.


Ice cream sundaes
And carousel rides!

Lunch with Pea

She gives me lots of bites!
Love my little lap buddy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paxton Doyle Wimberly

Ashlyn Wimberly became a big sister May 30, 2012 at 12:55 a.m.!
Introducing Paxton Doyle Wimberly!
Sweet baby boy snuggling with his awesome mommy!
Kristi and her son!
Such a great friend and a great mom!
Look at all of his hair! And his giant hands!
Welcome to the world Pax! You were born into an awesome, loving family!
We are excited to watch you grow!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We had a fun filled Memorial Day weekend, with lots of time in the water!  We spent Saturday at the Hackbarts awesome lake house and Sunday at Mamaw and Pa's pool.  We celebrated Grandpa's 61st birthday (which I failed to get any pictures of).  On Monday, Chris and I both worked and the girls spent the day at Mamaw and Pa's again.  Then, we went to a BBQ that evening when I got off. Yay for the "un"official start of summer!
Emma's first time in the lake!  She loved it.
She did not like for us to touch her, she wanted to float alone!

Ryan, on the other hand, was a little more timid.
She enjoyed the lake, but wanted to be held the whole time.

"Get off me Dad!"

She kept trying to lose him.

We were with a great group!
Kids ruled- 9 kids to 6 adults!

Mommy and Munch

Emma was not a big fan of chilling on the boat.

She wanted to get in!

My, how I have missed life on a boat!

She was so happy!

She LOVED to go fast.  Chris took turns taking the girls on the jet skis (that can go 80 mph) later in the day.
Ryan couldn't get enough she was screaming "Faster Daddy!"

Our DD grabbing a snack.

My hot husband. And, he is good looking! :-)

Enjoying some awesome ritas!


Mom of the Year

Pea having her first course of goldfish before she hits the sidewalk chalk buffet.

Ryan played so well with the other kids
(who were all cousins).  They were super nice and inclusive to her!
They had so much fun playing hopscotch, having water balloon fights,
bubbles, sidewalk chalk, swimming in the lake, jet skis!  You name it!

Katie making a masterpiece!

Katie and Reese

Our hosts- Katie and Lilly!

Ryan having fun at Mr. Mikes Memorial Day BBQ!

Grandpa, Mike and Ry

The birthday boy throwing washers!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eskimo Kisses

Emma loves them.  It is now part of our routine at bedtime.
We read 1-2 books (sometimes the same book 2-3 times) while rocking in the rocking chair.  I snuggle Emma, Emma snuggles Zeebee.  She is the page turner, often before I am halfway through the page.  Then, we stand up and she lays on my shoulder while I sing You Are My Sunshine (hard to believe, but she likes my singing!).  During the song she looks up at me at least 3-4 times for an eskimo kiss (rubbing our noses together), sometimes followed by an open mouth kiss, but always followed by a big grin and a giggle.  I love it. I think it may be the best part of my day. I hope I am lucky enough to get eskimo kisses from that sweet baby girl forever.

Ryan's FIRST last day of school!

I cannot believe it is already summer!  This school year has flown by. It seems that time is speeding up every day.  My baby finished her first year of preschool!  WOW! What a great first year of school she had.  I am SO thankful that I knew about this preschool and that we started her when we did.  She has grown so much this year.  And, even though she knew most of what they learned about before she started she learned a lot about what it's like to go to school and she grew tremendously in her social skills.  She had wonderful loving teachers that made her love going to school.  Her classmates were great!  I enjoyed getting to know many of their moms as well.  I got choked up thanking Ms. Nelda and Ms. Erica for everything they have done for my Ryan.  They hugged me and told me how wonderful Ryan is.  They also mentioned that she started school extremely smart and very advanced for her age.  They raved about her language skills and how kind she is to others. Way to go, Ryan!  We think you are brilliant (I think all parents do this!), it is nice to be confirmed by others.  We are looking forward to a fun summer and are very excited for next years preschool experience.  Both of our girls will get to go!

Ryan's final piece of art work.
It has a picture from the first week of school and the last.

Sweet little Munch with her paci :-)
Starting preschool
2 years old

Big Munch!
2 year old preschool graduate
almost 3 years old

Ryan helping make treats for her teachers and classmates.

Taste tester

"that's delicious!"

I had to see for myself!

"Daddy, I am wearing my nipples! Privacy please!"

Happy summer to all the Little Lambs!

We LOVE Ms. Nelda and Ms. Erica!

Report Card
Ryan accomplished all the skills for the 2-3 year olds!
And, she was one of the younger kids!!!!!!
I teared up reading all that she can do.  I am so proud of my big girl!
She had a separate PE skills check off and she can do all the skills except hop on one foot.

Ryan and Ms. Erica

Ryan and Ms. Nelda

Great teachers made for a great year, and a smiley, happy Ry Pie!