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The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Whew! That was exhausting! After trick or treating this year I was whooped! We had a happy Halloween weekend, but it was jam packed. We attended two birthday parties (B boys had their two year party at the zoo!), Chris and I attended a Halloween beer tasting/clown party, we went to church and trick or treated with the Tharps. Lots of fun, but not much down time. Thankfully, Chris and I were both off Monday so we had a little break before trick or treating. I think Halloween should always be on a weekend. I can't imagine trying to get the kids ready and go trick or treating after working all day. My hats off to parents that had to do that this year. Here are a few pictures from our whirlwind.

We threw some clown costumes together last minute before attending the annual

Beerfully Tasty Halloween Party. Chris was a rodeo clown!

I was just scary and silly all at once!

We are a couple of clowns

Good times!Early dinner before hitting the streets

She is "boo-tiful"!

She was so excited to go trick or treating.

My sweet girls:

Kitty and CindeRyan

Emma the kitty!

Her first Halloween.

She was so cute!

Mamaw found the costume.

Oh my! What a doll!

We tried to get a picture of us girls.

CindeRyan was too busy.

Sweet Pea just observing :-)

Modeling her costume.

I loved the tail.



CindeRyan and bunny

walking up to Mamaw and Pa's to trick or treat.

Emma and Daddy

B boys ready to rock!

Hee Hee



Chris, Brad and JD getting ready to go trick or treating.

Yay for trick or treating!

Pa picking up after Mamaw.

Love them!

Emma got to ride most of the night.

CindeRyan and her sweet Daddy.


We trick or treated for an hour!

Kellie with her boys

(they turned two on the 29th!)

So glad the Tharps joined us.

She decided to take a quick break on a porch.

Emma past her bedtime

Emma kept her kitty head on most the night,

but she was over it at this point!

Brad and Beckett- Little B was wore out!

I think Big B was too!

We hung out on the porch and passed out candy before bedtime.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

True Love

Ryan at the zoo looking at the rhinos with her favorite guy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sweet Pea's NINE month stats!

I can't get a good monthly picture of this girl!
She is a giggly little wiggle worm

And cute as a bug's ear!

Her crooked sweet smile with her little tongue peeking out!

Weight: 18 lbs 8 oz

Height: 30.75 inches

Eating: Four bottles- usually 18-24 ounces total. She almost always eats 7-8 oz first thing in the morning and at bedtime, but during the day she sometimes only wants a couple of ounces. Since she caught HFMD she had a change in her taste buds. Her mouth was very sensitive with the open sores and the fruits and vegetables were too acidic for her to eat. She refused to eat solids for a couple days and since then she has not been interested in baby food at all. She wants REAL food! She is eating everything under the sun! Whatever we feed Ryan we feed to Emma. Just in tiny bite sized pieces (she still only has 2 teeth). We still have to keep an eye on her and make sure she does not cram too much into her mouth at once, but other than that meal times are so easy now.

Sleeping: Nothing has changed. We somehow got blessed with another wonderful sleeper. It really makes life so wonderful when your kids sleep well!

Size: 12 month clothing, Size 3 diapers, Size 3 shoes

Newest Accomplishments: holding her own when Ryan tries to take a toy away, fake cough, falling head first into the bathtub, crawling up and down stairs, standing and letting go with her hands, open mouth kisses, drinking from a sippy cup (with me holding it, of course)

Likes: cheerios, goldfish, dum dum suckers, library story time, singing, clapping, carrying toys around in her mouth, playing the paci game with daddy (I gotta get a video), hanging out on my hip while I cook or clean, when I beep her nose, playing in Ryan's room, looking at books, her zebra, watching movies with Ryan while sitting in her high chair snacking, all animals

Sweet Pea in her fireman shirt

Is that Chris or Emma?

Sweet dimple

Gran gave Emma and Ryan these cute shirts

Mommy and Emma headed to church

We got our money's worth out of these Halloween tights!

She was a hit at her Sunday School class.

While Ry is at school Emma and I have fun with the camera.