The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nash Farms Eggstravaganza 2012

The weather was beautiful this weekend so we headed out to Nash Farms in Grapevine for the Easter Eggstravaganza! The Tharps invited us to join them and we are so glad they did. It was a very neat place and the girls had a ton of fun! We missed the egg hunt by a few minutes (which was okay since Ryan and Emma's mom forgot their Easter baskets), but we enjoyed the petting zoo, tractor hayrides and bounce houses.
On our way!
Emma is ready to get out and run around!
Munch and very dirty Bunny
Emma was in heaven chasing and hugging all the animals!
"Pat! Pat!"

The bunnies were so soft!
Guinea Pigs!
Does this mean she is gonna want a hamster one day? Please, no!

She actually kissed it!
The animals were all so sweet to the kids.
Ryan was so happy! LOVE her dimple!
(Although she was slightly disappointed she could not ride any animal.)
Love my sweet girls!
Watching their joy and wonder is the most fun I have ever had!
She will make a good mama.

Bounce house!!!!!
Emma climbed right in, shoes and all. Ryan was too scared!
No fear!

Waiting in line for the tractor hayride.
Poor Pea getting pink on Daddy's shoulders.
(I forgot sunscreen.)
Tractor ride
Emma with the B boys.
The four friends.
Emma was wore out!
The Ivie baby pouty lip. So, so sweet.

Monday, March 26, 2012


She is rough, and she is tough. There is nothing this chick can't climb up on. She falls hard and often. She is into anything and everything and can destroy a room or the toy aisle of Target in a matter of seconds. She is fast and furious and extremely determined. She hardly ever cries, even when her falls make me cry! A couple sobs, maybe a tear and a quick hug from mommy and she is back at it. Our little bruiser. Who is often covered in scabbed knees, with a skinned chin, bloody lip and lots of bruises. But happy as can be! And always smiling!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rock and Roll Half Marathon 2012

I did it! After a LOT of training, and a LONG week of moving, I achieved my goal. I ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon! AND, I am still alive to write about it! :-)
I had only run 10 miles the Sunday before, so I was not sure that I could do the 13.1, but I did! I finished strong and a little faster than I expected. I actually did it in 2:00:39! I was very proud of myself (and glad it was over). Thirteen months ago I was so sick and extremely deconditioned after my hospitalization that I could barely walk around the block with the girls. That seems like forever ago and I am so thankful for my current health and abilities.
I did this run for my girls and they were there to cheer me on with Chris and Mamaw.
Tae and I were up early to head to Dallas for the race.
Chris and Emma at mile 10.5- I was so happy to see them!
Munch and bunny at mile 8!
Here I come around the corner, ready to be done!
Thanks to Chris and my girls for letting me take the time to train properly!
I am hoping that Mamaw will do one with me soon!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Settling in

We are unpacking and starting to really enjoy our new house. We are unpacked enough to be functional but still have a lot of organizing and unpacking to do. I won't consider it done until all of my pictures are hung on the wall! And, I love pictures, so we have a lot to hang. The girls haven't missed a beat. We had their rooms totally set up before we brought them here to stay the night. They slept all night on the first night. I think they both really like all the space they each have! The weather has been spectacular and we are loving our new yard and being on the water. We have fed the ducks and geese a lot and watched the turtles sunbathe. Some super sweet neighbors brought us fresh cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood and we are starting to feel at home here. Life is good! I plan on taking some pictures of our new house once I find the camera and get rid of some cardboard. For now, here are a few camera phone pictures from the past few days.

Outdoor tea party!

Cutest spring outfit on Pea!
And longest, prettiest, pale legs!
We had more #2 success at the new house in the "new" potty! Off to the horses!
My first Chuck-E-Cheese experience, don't worry, I had my mom with me!

Ryan rode Bullseye and Maximus

Emma had a BLAST!
She was running all over the place!
Happy Pea!
Cruising with the top down
Emma climbing the play scape at our new neighborhood park.
Ryan loves the rock wall!
Murph, after a hard day of moving.
Biggest bummer of the move.