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The Ivie Family Blog

Friday, July 31, 2015

Roly Polly

It was bound to happen.  We put her to sleep on her tummy and we walked in to find her like this.  I was in denial about it and then she did it in front of me.  She looks surprised when she does it- like she isn't quite sure how she ended up on her back.  Baby Polly is hitting milestones.  Every first for her is a mommy last for me, so it is bittersweet.  Glad our little girl is growing and healthy but I love her being little.


Thursday, July 30, 2015


1977- Chris at 3 months
(looks just like Polly!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Feeding the giraffes!

I forgot to post these pictures from Colorado of us feeding the giraffes!

More colorado from Iphone!

A few more pics from our trip that I found on my phone.

The day before Chris pulled it. It was so ready!

Emma said "Daddy is my honey!"
Hibachi with the Crowleys!

Mia caught the shrimp!
Ryan tried to!


Ryan is so happy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Six Year Letters to Ryan

Dear Ryan,

Holy moly! You are six and about to be a first grader! I cannot believe it. You have grown so much this past year. It has been a busy year but you have excelled at everything you did.  You started elementary school and are in the accelerated reading program, you acted in theater all year and performed in a play, you did tap and ballet and performed at the recital, you played t-ball, you did Girl Scouts, you became a big sister again to Polly! You have so many friends at school and are described as 'nice to everyone'. What a year! I am so proud of you, especially for the big sister that you are to both Emma and Polly.  You are such a sweet girl and you are full of love.  Thanks for all the fun and all of the smiles this past year.  Love you so much my Munch.




Happy 6th Birthday. I can't believe how fast you are growing. You have been such a good sister and inspiration to Emma and Polly. It makes me so proud to see you getting smarter everyday. I love you so much! Thank you for being my daughter. 



Ryan is SIX!

We had a Tinkerbell themed birthday party at ASI gymnastics with all of Ryan's friends. Then, on her actual birthday we had a family dinner at Babes Chicken and Ryan got to pick out her first pet- Fiona the fish! We had a great time celebrating our big girl!

My six year old!
We had a great turn out! 24 kids came!
Eli- Ryan's "honey"
Emma was so excited for Ryan.
I love this picture of my pretty girl.
Jeffrey cracking up at the coaches jokes.



Little sis snoozed.

Another amazing cake by Aunt Rocks!


Snuggles with PJ

Ryan loves her so much.
Waiting for dad to open gifts.

So sweet.
Picking out her pet.

Creating the home for Fiona.


Polly came to party.
A new heart locket from Unc Unc

Chicken dance!

A new backpack from Gran and PawPaw

Little sister gift!

Polly loving on Unc Unc
I love this picture!