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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Colorado summer vacation!

We had a wonderful trip to Colorado to visit our good friends and family!  It was Polly's first time on an airplane and she did great!  The last time I flew with the big girls was our trip to Colorado last summer.  I was pregnant with PJ but didn't know it yet.  It was also the worst flight of my life!  Thankfully, this Colorado trip we had PJ with us and the flights were all pleasant.
While in Colorado we stayed with my good friend Roxie and her family and we got to visit my aunt, cousins and all of their kids.  Pollyanna got to meet all of her Colorado family that she hadn't met yet. The Crowleys took us to do lots of fun things: cool park with splash pad, Elitch gardens, Hibachi, swimming, zoo..... So much fun! Here are the pics from our first vacation as a family of 5!
We had an early flight! R&E were super excited.

Polly did great on the flight.
Chris sat a few rows behind us with the big girls.

This is what happens when they have to wake up at 6 instead of 9!
So much fun with Avery and Mia!

Relaxing in the shade with PJ.
Polly meeting Lily and Tiff

Polly was such a good baby.  

Ivie family on our Colorado adventure 2015

Emma pet the joey

Ryan the bird whisperer.
Goof balls!

Brave Ryan

Taking in all the beauty.
Such a trooper, besides a diaper blow out she was easy peasy!

The girls got to chop food up and feed the tortoise

Petting Concho the pony.

My favorite! I wanted to diaper, swaddle and rock this baby monkey!
First ski lift for the little Ivie girls

PJ way up high!
Ryan lost her first tooth two hours before we headed to the airport.
(Chris actually held her down and pulled it out)
She forgave him fast.

Minutes after Ryan lost her first tooth Avery lost her twelfth!

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