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The Ivie Family Blog

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014!

We had another great Halloween! We started off at Aunt Mis and Uncles house to celebrate her birthday and then we headed to Mamaw and Pa's. Then, we hit our normal street to trick or treat with the Tharps and the Walshs. After that we went over to the Walsh's house to eat and hang out. A good time was had by all!
 Decorating Halloween cookies:

Happy birthday to Aunt Rocks!

This guy.......

Anna and Elsa acting out a scene to music.

Baby bump!

Mamaw/creepy man and "mother"

Creepy man of Stagecoach and all the children.

Tharp family Halloween 2014
(with a cute photo bomber!) 
Walsh family Halloween 2014
Ivie family Halloween 2014

Trick or Treating:

Ryan's Halloween school party

Ryan got to wear her Elsa costume to school for her Halloween party. Instead of the wig, which I didn't think would last all day, my friend made her an Elsa braid that she adored and wore. Chris and I got to help out at her party and Papa came too! It was fun to see her interact with her classmates and spend some time in her classroom. We love her teacher and the group of kids in her class. So far, kindergarten gets two thumbs up!

Ryan is pretty lucky (and the only kid) to have both her parents and a grandparent at her school party. She is so loved.