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The Ivie Family Blog

Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of Preschool 2012-2013

The girls both had great first days at school!  Emma went right to her teacher and didn't cry or get sad at all!  Ryan got a little timid at the doorway and had to give her dad one more kiss.  We snuck around the corner and made sure she didn't cry.  She just sat down and snuggled Bunny.  I ended up being the only one who cried!  I did make it to the car first though.  And, Chris did laugh at me. :-)
Chris and I enjoyed our first day at home together.  We went to the gym, shopped a little, ate lunch out, got groceries and did a few things around the house.  It was very nice.  We were all ready for a phone call during nap time but never got one.  Last year I had to go pick up Ryan early on the first day because she wouldn't lay down and nap.  This year both girls made it the whole day!  I think that is pretty impressive, especially for our little Pea who is only 19 months old.  I think it is because she is so used to going to Sunday School every week. I was shocked when we picked her up and Miss Kathy told me that she actually slept for an hour! She is going to do just fine.  So, I will be okay too!

Ryan and Tony on the morning of the first day of school!
Emma and Zeebee ready for breakfast!

Ry "being shy".

Last minute snuggles for my Pea

She is the sweetest thing!

And, the longest!

She was ready to go!

Ryan, ready to go!

Ry Pie leading the way to her new classroom.

Emma at the end of the day.
She was laughing when we walked up
 to get her. She only started
crying when she saw us and couldn't
figure how to get the gate open,

GREAT first day!

So proud of our girls!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting ready for preschool.

We had a fun week getting ready for the girls first day of preschool.   They always start on a Friday so we had all week to get our to do list checked off. Monday night Chris and I went to Open House at Fielder Road to meet the girls teachers and see the classrooms. Emma is going to be in the Little Duck class and she is the youngest child.  She is only 19 months and all of the other kids are 20-24 months old.  (I bet she is taller than most though!) Her teachers are so nice: Miss Kathy and Miss Valerie.  Ryan is going to be in the Superstars class this year. I was happy to see some moms that I know from last year at the Open House.  Ry will have some friends from last year in her class again!  Her teachers this year are: Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Haynes. Then, on Tuesday morning the girls got to go up to school and meet their teachers and see their classrooms.  Ryan stopped by her old classroom to see Miss Nelda and Miss Erica and they were so happy to see her and give her a hug.  They told Ryan that they had been bragging to her new teachers about how smart and advanced she was.  So sweet. When we were in Ryan's new classroom she sat on the floor with Mrs. Haynes and decided to show off a little.  She saw the word 'Superstars' on the bulletin board and all of a sudden started going through each letter saying what it was, the sound it makes and a word that starts with it.  Mrs. Haynes was so impressed, so naturally Ry kept going and spelled the whole word!  Thank you Letter Factory!  I think this is going to be a great year for Ryan! Emma was a little timid at first but she held on tight to Zeebee and checked everything out in her new classroom.  I am a little nervous about sending her so I hope she enjoys it.  The rest of the week we shopped for Emma a back pack and Ryan a new lunch box, Ryan got a haircut and we met the Hackbarts for a pre-back to school dinner on Thursday.  It was a fun filled last week of summer!

Emma's curriculum

Emma's daily schedule
(sorry it is  sideways)

Ryan's curriculum

Ryan's daily schedule
They only nap for 50 minutes!
(sorry, again)
Emma and Daddy in the Little Duck classroom

Miss Valerie looking out the window with
Emma and a new friend

Sweet Pea and Zeebee

Ry and Bunny ready for school!

Ryan immediately went for the rocker
and the baby dolls in the Superstars classroom.

So glad I got to come along,
I went in to work later.

Emma really liked the easel in Ryan's classroom!

We love the play scape!

A new Great Clips opened up by our house
and they were having a $4.99 haircut special..
I wanted to get Ryan's hair trimmed because
I thought it would help decrease tangles.
We got 1.5 inches cut off!

She was so big!

Emma snuggled with Daddy.
It will be awhile until she needs a cut!

Emma's nap mat and her Olivia backpack

I LOVE her nap mat!

Ry got a new Minnie Mouse lunch box.

Lilly, Katie and Ryan at Central Market

Our big girl the night before she stars
3 year old preschool!

Our little Pea too busy on the slide to pose,
the night before her first day of preschool!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Super Duper Daddy pics

Chris is one heck of a Daddy!  His girls (all 3 of us) are so lucky.  We get to spend so much time with him!  It is the best.  Most weeks we get to spend 3-4 of the 7 days all together.  It is pretty awesome.  The time that Ryan and Emma get to spend with him and the amount of love and attention he shows them is priceless!

Checking out the bridge at the new
play scape at River Legacy Park.

Throwing rocks with Pea.

Double fistin' popsicles for the girls.

Our Saturday night out drinking beer!

Tackling Ryan's rats nest.