The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 Month Stats!!

Weight: I would guess 22 lbs- not sure (go to doctor this month)
Length: tall enough for her legs to reach the ground so she can scoot backwards in her car
Eating: she loves pot roast, carrots and potatoes, spaghetti with meatballs, BBQ
Sleeping: we had a lapse in her good sleeping habits due to vacation and sleeping with us- but she is back folks! Bedtime is earlier ~7:30 and some days she sleeps in until 9!
Size:12-18 month clothing, size 4 diapers
Newest Accomplishments: briefly standing alone (as seen above), drinking cows milk from her sippy cup, pointing at people in pictures (she can point out her Grandpa in any picture), saying "kit kat" to the cats and lots of "da da" to everything (Chris included), giving high five on command
Ryan's Newest Likes: Bahamian food like conch fritters, grouper and barracuda, giant soft stuffed dog the Tharps gave her when she was born, any toy that makes music so she can dance, going up and down the two stairs at Mamaw and Grandpa's house over and over again!

She is getting so tall!

I am going to have to finally give in and get Ryan a haircut. We love her great hair and want it to grow out pretty and long, but it really needs a trim. Her bangs are always in her face. I hadn't gotten her any hair clips so I had to put one of my barrettes in her hair to keep it out of her face! We went to the mall this day and now she has some of her own. I plan on posting first haircut pictures next week!

She gets into EVERYTHING now!

So innocent!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I PROMISE that this blog will not become my pregnancy blog. There is nothing worse than reading about the daily ins and outs of someones pregnancy. Ryan's life is WAY more interesting than the details of pregnancy. I may add a few updates about big pregnancy news, but that is it. Today's blog is am exception. I am gonna do a pity pregnancy post. We did go to see Dr. Rosenbaum last week, and I am indeed pregnant (Chris doesn't ever believe it until the MD says so!) This baby is due February 8. The bad part is that I am SOOOOO nauseous!!!!!!! ALL day! It is terrible. I wake up feeling terrible and I go to bed feeling terrible. I got some medication which seems to help a little bit, but not enough! Working has been the hardest, and when I get home I am wiped out! Chris and my parents have had to really help me with Ryan. I feel bad that I don't have the energy to play with her like I usually do. She has been a sweetie, and is completely back on her awesome sleeping schedule (only took 5 days!) so I am getting good rest at night. I am 8 weeks along, so I am hoping that after 4 more weeks this feeling will end with the first trimester. We aren't going to find out the sex of this baby because it was so fun to be surprised the first time! I thought I was destined to have two girls, but now I am thinking this may be a boy because this pregnancy is so different than my pregnancy with Ryan. I was never sick with Ryan, my pregnancy was a breeze! I ran until I was 6 months pregnant I felt so good. Currently I can barely walk through Target to get groceries without a rest break. Pitiful! That is what I am. Pitiful! That is what this blog entry is- and the reason I wrote it is to explain why I have no cute pictures or 11 month stats for Ryan- because I am pitiful. The good news is I will have my partner at home tomorrow to help me take her 11 month picture and maybe help me do the blog. Can't believe our sweet baby will be ONE in less than a month. Our big girls 11 month stats will be up tomorrow. Promise.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This post needs a description and a disclaimer.

Chris and I knew months in advance that we had to have a talent for the family vacation. We assumed everyone would count us out this year, since we had a new baby. We figured our family would expect us just to throw something together last minute. We decided we had to come up with something good. I honestly can't remember why I thought of doing the Thriller dance, but I did. I have always thought it would be a cool, timeless dance to know. At the time I forgot how much of a dancer I am NOT, and didn't take in to consideration Chris' dancing skills. We just agreed it would be fun and decided to do it. We agreed that if we were gonna do it we wanted to do it well. So, we began to break it down and try to learn each step on the internet. This process became tedious and frustrating. Learning this dance was not as easy as we had thought it would be. And we were only learning it at half time. We thought there was no way we would learn it. We almost threw in the towel. After a break from rehearsing, we ended up splurging $20 and ordered the DVD "Thrill the World". This DVD breaks down each move and puts them all to words. This ended up being very helpful. We printed out all the dance moves and learned all the words in our heads. We practiced for about an hour, 2-3 days a week, and slowly but surely it started to stick. I hate to admit it, but Chris was a much faster learner than I was. "Shoulder step, nothing step, shoulder step, shoulder step, booty bounce, booty bounce" and other dance moves ran threw my head at work, as I tried to sleep, in the car, on the train. I don't think I will ever forget the words! Soon, I got it! I even practiced a little at work (ignoring a few weird looks!) When I finally felt confident that we were gonna be able to compete (3 weeks before vaca) Chris decided we needed to add a twist. He decided that he didn't want to get up off the ground like zombies awakening from the dead to start off our performance. He wanted to add some Ivie humor to the routine (imagine that!) He thought that we should come out singing a cheesy duet and make everyone think that was our talent. Then, at the first chorus have the record skip and then go right into our Thriller routine. Well, I thought this idea was terrible because I can't dance, but I REALLY can't sing! Chris ultimately convinced me it didn't matter it was just a joke. He had his friend mix the music with a record scratch in between. I lucked out because his friend forgot to do the karaoke version, and the singers were still on our mix. I was very happy that all I had to do was lip synch. I am still embarrassed by it- but it did end up being funny! It was also fun to learn something together. I am excited to learn a new talent with Chris!

The video is below- the music isn't very loud, so you probably will want to turn your volume up as loud as you can.

I hope you all enjoy, or at least get a good laugh! We did win the contest! And then performed it again for the island inpromptu!

Ryan- we did this to make you proud. And don't worry- we promise to perform it at your wedding.

I have been struggling all day to get this to upload and I finally had Chris break it into two videos and it worked! Thank goodness! So, watch the top one first and then the bottom. It was all one uninterrupted performance live, but this is the best I could do on the blog.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bahama Baby

Tauri made us all ankle bracelet's to wear on the trip- it's tradition

Ryan's was the sweetest

We are home from our beach vacation! We returned from the Bahamas yesterday and are now returning to reality. We had a great time! Ryan was an EXCELLENT traveler. We took 4 flights total (DFW to Miami, Miami to Eleuthra, Eleuthra to Miama and Miami to DFW). She was NOT the baby that screamed on the flight- she never cried at all!!! I was so worried about it for nothing! Her ears didn't bother her at all and she didn't even need to take a bottle for take offs! She played and napped and was terrific. She enjoyed the beach and loved the delicious cooking! Ryan and I took daily naps together. One luxury she enjoyed was sleeping with us at night. Although we had a crib, Ryan didn't like to sleep overnight in it and ended up in bed with us most the trip. A new habit that we are determined to end now that we are home. I took a ton of photos. Mom and Aunt Mis did too. We haven't had a chance to share pictures yet, so I may have more additions to post later. I had plenty to illustrate the good times we shared! Okay, get ready for the most pictures EVER posted on one blog entry! I tried to describe our trip throughout.

About to leave for the airport
(dressed alike head to toe!)

Headed to Miami

(it was Ryan's bedtime but she didn't want to miss a thing)

Miami at midnight

We spent the night at a hotel in Miami and then took

a puddle jumper to the Bahamas the next morning

Welcome to the Bahamas!

We had an hour drive to our house- beautiful view of the

Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic on the other

Ryan crawled around ad checked the place out! It was awesome! We stayed

at the Capricorn House which was located on 16 private acres. We each had our

own bedroom and bathroom and our own private beach! We had cooks and a

maid and a groundskeeper. We had everything we needed.

We were very pampered!

Ryan hanging out with Dustin

Chilling with Gpa on the couch

Beach Beauty

Now that's a big sand box!

Mamaw brought the sand toys!

The water was BEAUTIFUL!

You could see everything and the sand was soft and pink.

The waves were a little scary for Ryan.

She wanted to stay close to daddy

Mom and I took the kayak out and visited two small islands

far away in the ocean. It was hard work, but fun. Ryan did not

join us on that adventure, but she got in when we returned for

the photo shoot. My sweet Dad never took his eyes off us while we

were gone to the other islands.

There was lots of game playing.

Ryan brought her Hello Kitty cards!

The Ivie family in the Bahamas!

Mawaw and Grandpa

Ryan, Claudya and Dustin

The Cox brothers

Ryan brought her pouty lip with her

At Tippy's Restaurant

I love this picture!

Being pregnant and feeling a little lousy combined with chasing a

10 month old equals a tired mommy- we were so thankful that

my parents and all of our family were so helpful with Ryan.

It would not have been a fun trip had it been

just the three of us.

Her serious pose

Won't be long before she won't need my hands

Our group
in front of a gorgeous sunset

Enjoying some meat!

Cox brothers smoking cigars on one of our many lovely patios

(the male cat laying with my dad is named Karen- I guess

all Karen's, regardless of gender, love him)

The other Karen

The view from our beach

Mamaw and Ryan having a ball!

Unc, Chris and Claudya went deep sea fishing!

We all got to enjoy their catch for dinner and lunch!

Claudya caught a barracuda!!!!

Chris caught a little fella!

Ryan loved the spaghetti lunch we had. Our cooks, Aretha and Janeth,

cooked 3 meals a day for us- it was so wonderful!

A serious pose in her bikini

The Munch!

The only time Ryan is ever allowed to swim topless!

We had a night out with the group (thanks to Grandpa staying with Ryan)

We listened to live music at The Beachhouse!

Love her!

Dustin and his beautiful wife Claudya

Tauri dancing with her dad

The girls dancing!

Skinny dippin in a cove!

Waiting with Grandpa for her daddy to come back from snorkeling

Dressed and ready for the fish fry!

Every Friday in Eleuthra there is a big fish fry/ dance party in the street!

It was my favorite night. The food was delicious and we all danced in the streets!

Right before Chris and I left to take Ryan home Thriller came on and we had to

stop and do our dance routine in the street in front of everyone at the fish fry!

It was so fun - and such a coincidence that they played it. We had performed

our Thriller dance a few days earlier in the family talent show

and had won! We had no idea we would be doing it for the island!

Because of the many requests,I am going to post the video of

our talent show performance soon.

Ryan dancing with Tauri

I got to dance (briefly) with my honey

My parents were tearing up the dance floor/street!

Sleepy baby

Ryan and Grandpa at the pool

Our last night in the Bahamas

Chris and I got to go out alone on a date!

We tried out the black and white mode on our camera

(mini photo shoot!- we are dorks)

My model husband

Unc with Aretha and Janeth- they took good care of us!

It was a great trip!