The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ivie/Clarke Family Photo Shoot

November 20, 2011

Ryan Layne

almost 2.5 years old

Bunny makes EVERY photo shoot!

Emma and Gran

Emma Reese

10 months old


The whole family

Our Christmas card picture this year.

Love this duo!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Ryan in the attic helping Daddy get the Christmas decorations down.

Emma, contemplating joining them in the attic.
Ryan really enjoyed looking at the ornaments this year.

Elf on the Shelf is back!

He finally has a name. Ry named him "Rudy". Random, I love it!

My Marilyn Monroe ornament lost a leg moments later.

The guilty,

but sweet.

I got caught up with the tree and turned around to this!

Rudy's first spot.

Emma's stocking that Mamaw made!

Emma admiring the handiwork.

Sweet stocking for a Sweet Pea!


She got distracted on her stroll.

So far, Marilyn's leg and one glass ball (my fault) are all that has been lost this year.

I think come January 1 our casualties will have increased.

Things you need to know about the Munch

1. She hates/is terrified of band aids.

2. She loves hair clips (to play with, not in her hair).

3. If something is broken her daddy can "fisk" it.

4. A common statement from her is "it's wonderful".

5. If a part of a movie is scary she will cover her eyes and watch it through her fingers.

6. "Hold you" means please hold me.

7. She likes to line up her animals, people, Toy Story figurines.

8. Wearing tights or turtle necks feels like a torture chamber to her.

9. She can sit and play dolls by herself for hours. Great conversations!

10. Pink, pink, pink! She loves pink!

11. She loves: Oreos, Cheetos ("cheesy chips"), Starburst ("chewy").

12. She prefers for Emma to not get near her when she is eating or playing.

13. All skirts are called tutus.

14. One of her favorite places is the fire station.

15. She likes her back tickled at bedtime.

16. She has mastered the leg hug. (I love this!)

17. If she has a bug bite she will tell you she has an owee and "Don't scratch it. Don't make it bweed." (she knows we will threaten a band aid if it bleeds!)

18. If she really wants something she will say the sweetest "pweeeeeeeease Daddy, can I have a chewy." It is very hard for her dad to say no.

19. She loves going to school and likes to ride in on her dad or Grandpa's shoulders.

20. She gives great smackers when asked to.

21. Her favorite things to watch are: Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story 3, Incredibles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Letter Factory, "the Mamaw movie"(a video of Mamaw's trip to California with her friends), "Cinderella" (Disney sing-along movie).

22. She can devour 6 cherry tomatoes from Mamaw's garden in less than a minute.

23. She hoards food. She will have her mouth stuffed and both hands stuffed and will ask for more.

24. "No" remains her favorite and most used word. Sometimes she says it before I am finished asking a question and she realizes she meant to say yes.

25. She is beautiful, just like Cinderella. Just ask her!

Emma's TEN month stats

Weight: 20 lbs (50th percentile)- she still hasn't gotten chubby!
Length: 31 inches (>97th percentile!!!!!!!) LONG and lean!
Eating: She is losing interest in the bottle. Most days I still offer her 4 bottles, but she rarely finishes them. She is so busy that stopping to eat a bottle is not worth it to her. Plus, she eats so much real food that I think she stays full. So, on average she is only taking about 16-20 ounces of formula a day. This is great, because I am about to start the switch to whole milk this month and we will get rid of the bottle after that. She loves to drink apple juice boxes and water from a sippy cup. She now has a "drink" with each meal.
Sleeping: Out like a light with her zebra and glow worm. We usually don't hear a peep from her until 8:00 a.m. She sleeps so hard and so well that Chris sometimes worries about her. BEST. SLEEPER. EVER! She had a stuffy nose one night recently and woke up at 10:30 p.m. unable to breathe. I was so excited to get to see her in the night! It was kind of funny. Even though I was about to go to bed myself, I was happy to spend some extra time with my girl. I am not used to her needing me in the night, so I cherished it. We (Chris) suctioned her nose and I got to rock my sweet baby for 5 minutes in the rocker. I loved every second of it.
Size: 12 and 12-18 month clothing, Size 3 diapers, Size 3.5 shoes
Newest Accomplishments: walking with push toys, FOUR teeth: two on bottom and two "fang" teeth on top (you can see all of them in the picture above), standing unsupported (hands free), climbing on everything, first header of the chaise (under my supervision, unfortunately), drinking from a straw.

Grandpa came back from out of town and took one look at Emma's hair and said

"Wow! Emma, your hair is getting really bushy!" Thanks anyways, Pa!
Emma wouldn't lay still for me, but somebody would!

Sweet Pea getting ready for Santa.

She is getting so big, SO FAST! Climbing

She loves to fall back onto the chair.

I also prefer it to the hardwoods.

Blowing spit bubbles.

Both girls love to look at my locket.

Love my giggle box. She makes every day so much brighter.