The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Saturday

We had a WONDERFUL Saturday! My favorite since Ryan joined us! We were supposed to go to Houston to visit Rox and CiCi and their families, but they were under the weather so we stayed home. It turns out it was a good idea! We needed some R&R together! Chris took his test Friday morning and did awesome (as we all knew he would). I was exhausted from my first full week back at work. So, we went to bed early on Friday and had a fun filled day Saturday. Here are lots of pictures of our day. We love our new camera!

We slept in and hung out in our pajamas.

We had breakfast with the Tharp's at our favorite breakfast restaurant! Next time we see them their twin boys will be here! Brad practiced putting Ry in the car seat. He will be a pro soon!

Mommy making Ry do tummy time- I am proud of myself. It really isn't that hard to do since she doesn't mind it now! :)

The best way to spend a Saturday- with a smiley sweetie pie!

First taste of pizza with Daddy.

The pizza tasting really got the saliva glands going!

Ryan had her first feel of grass- she wasn't so sure at first!

She loved it on her feet.

It won't be long until she doesn't need to hold my hands to sit. :(

We went for a run at River Legacy Park with Ryan in her jogging stroller. Then we laid a quilt out and Ry took a nap while Chris relaxed, and I read. The weather was perfect and it was so relaxing.

More tummy time!

Is there any baby that is cuter?- nope!

We finished the day off with Ryan's favorite activity (besides eating pizza!). Bath time

And lastly, Ryan fell asleep on her dad.

Perfect mouth. Perfect Saturday.

Ryan Rolls Over!!!!!!!!!

Tummy time has gotten easier! And Ryan has gotten stronger! She has really started to push up and rolling over! She is so amazing.

Pizza Face Loves Pizza Crust

We haven't given Ry rice cereal yet...........but she has had pizza! And loved it! One good thing (my Dad pointed out) is that we now know that she isn't allergic to wheat! And even though Ryan hasn't had baby acne since she was 2 weeks old Chris still calls her "pizza face". Poor girl- good thing she is so pretty.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twelve Weeks

We survived last week!!!! I didn't think it was going to be possible last Tuesday night. Wednesday was a rough day for me, but I did show up at work, and I did stay the whole day. Don't be too proud of me- my Mom brought Ryan up to have lunch with me :) It was much needed! I had the water works under control by lunch, but I did learn a valuable lesson. I will NEVER ask a new mom returning to work if she misses her child. At least not on day one! I tried to stay as busy as possible to dodge that question from many unknowingly cruel people. Besides a few break downs, I was very glad to see my co-workers and get back into patient care. It did feel good to use that part of my brain again. Everyone was so sweet to me, and every other mother could relate to my heartache. AND believe it or not, Ryan didn't forget who I was! She was all smiles when I got home- cooing to me about her day!

Along with me returning to work Chris had his first full day as Mr. Mom. He did a wonderful job (as expected) and enjoyed his time with her. It is crunch time for Chris- he takes his test this Friday. He has been trying to study while she naps, and dropping her off at my parents to squeeze in time at the library. He will be happy when the test is over and he can totally focus on Ryan.

I wasn't the best at getting pictures this past week but Chris got a few good shots of Ry with our NEW camera!! My parents gave us a generous wedding gift that we put towards a new camera. We are really excited about it and plan to learn how to use it as soon as we get a second of free time! These pictures are just Chris "messing around" with it. He just happened to get some good expressions of our girl.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Water Aerobics and Ryan's New Best Friend

Ryan really loves her baths!!! She is really splashing a lot these days. If the water didn't start to get cold we would stay in there all night! In this video she pauses a few times to get her left fist in her mouth. She is getting better control.

Ryan has fallen in love. With herself. Chris takes her to the mirror daily to see her new friend. She loves it and it is so funny to watch her act shy at first and then get so excited. She loves her new friend almost as much as she loves the sweet guy standing next to her.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seventy Seven

Little Ryan can have a Big attitude when she wants to!

What a big girl

"Mom- I am doing just fine sitting here without you!"

Ryan asleep on Kari

Ryan's Great Aunt Tris came to visit from Colorado

Drooling like crazy- getting teeth is messy!

Who needs a paci when you got a fist! (always the left one)

Soaking up our last day of maternity leave together

She is by far the BEST thing I have ever done

So, this is a tough blog for me to do-but I want to do it. So, lets hope my tears don't ruin Chris' laptop. The past 77 days have been the best of my life. Although my maternity leave feels like it has flown by, I can't believe I have only had Ryan in my life for 77 days. During the best 77 days of my life we have had a few sad ones as well. Day 1 of Ryan's life was bittersweet- I didn't get to hold her until 5 hours after she was born. Day 4 wasn't a walk in the park either- that was the day I felt the worst after my C section. Day 25 was a little tough- Chris went back to work. Day 33 hurt my heart- I had to leave Ryan and fly out of town for my Granny's funeral. Day 44 tears were shed (both Ry and I)- her first round of shots. Day 73 was rough too- Ryan had her first fever and wasn't herself. But nothing is going to compare to Day 78- I have to leave Ryan and go back to work. Day 78 will be the first morning she will wake up and I won't be there. I won't get to see that smile and play our games. She will be fine. She will be waking up to her Mamaw and Grandpa. The question is- will I be alright? Day 78 is going to be the hardest day of my life. Lets all say a prayer that Day 79 will be a little bit easier, and each day after that.

I would not trade the past 77 days in for anything. I am so glad I took all that time to be with her. And the good news is that Ryan won't have to go to daycare- she will be with her dad and grandparents while I am at work. What a gift that is.

Because this blog is ultimately for Ryan to read when she is older I am including a letter to her from me.

Sweet Ryan,

Mommy has to leave you tomorrow, and it is killing her. I love you with all my heart and hate to think about being away from you for one hour, let alone 40 hours a week. But you will be in great hands - with your daddy and grandparents and I will rush home to be with you. I am sorry that I will not be there in the morning to love on you when you wake up. I know that is our special time together. I will be thinking of you all day and be counting down the minutes until I get to come home. Although I do love my job, you will always be my priority. If it interferes with my most important job- being your mom - I will make changes until we are both happy. Lets just give it a shot and see how it goes. I am gonna take it one day at a time. Thanks for understanding and being such a good girl. I love you baby girl. XOXO



Hangin' with Unk Unk and Aunt Tauri

Ryan and I spent the night and all day at Uncle Devin, Aunt Mis and Tauri's house last week. We got to go to Tauri's Homecoming Pep Rally! It was awesome and Ryan did pretty good considereing all the yelling. It was a rainy, cold day so we were lazy. Ryan ran her first fever (low grade), and we decided that she may be teething. We had a lot of fun even though Ryan was a little fussy (because of her sore mouth). In between fussy spells we did have some laughs. In this video Ryan is on her Aunt Tauri's lap flirting with her Unk Unk.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miss Personality!

Sweet, smiley girl!

Mommy and Daddy got a night out! (Thanks Mamaw and Grandpa!)

I got to have some time with three of my best brunettes!

Ryan's signature sleep pose

She only got to wear this cute snuggly outfit one day cause she is too long for it! We went out to eat with her Papa, Grandma and Uncle Zach

A giggle is coming soon.......

Ryan's first trip to the library

Taking it all in on Grandpa's lap

I can't imagine how many layers we will have her in when it really gets cold! We were on our way to Neighborhood Night Out in Pantego with my parents (ours got cancelled).

Little girl is SO much fun lately! She is really interacting with her environment and letting her personality shine! She recognizes Mamaw and Grandpa, and of course Mommy and Daddy! She is so close to giggling, and we can't wait to hear it. She is making lots of sounds and loves to make faces back and forth. In the mornings we play a game- stick out your tongue! She thinks it is so funny and is really good and imitating what I do. I love it! This week we walked to our local library and got a library card. We checked out 4 books for Ryan. If she is anything like me she will love to read. She is getting more interested in books and able to pay better attention. We read daily! We have also been taking as many daytime walks as the weather will allow. The Starbucks employees know us by name! I have really enjoyed all of this time at home with Ryan and with my parents. It is priceless.

One more thing- I got in trouble from Chris for posting the poop pictures last time. I hope I did not gross anyone out! I just thought it was so funny ( and I do the blog so I post what I want!!) And FYI- the next night I got a video from Chris of Ryan pooping in the tub for the first time. He must of thought it was cute too! I decided to not post it though. Too poop posts in a row is a little much.....

Strong Neck

Ryan is getting a lot stronger! She can hold her own head up without any support!