The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, December 31, 2012


That is my word for 2013.  That will be my driving force, my goal.  If I had to think of a word to describe 2012 it would be grateful.  Grateful for my health, which I did not have for most of 2011. Grateful for my family: husband, kids, parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins.....who all continue to support me and my path. Grateful for my friendships, so many that have lasted so long and a few new ones that I hope will as well.  Grateful for my body that has proven to be strong and resilient.  Grateful for my strengthened faith and my pursuit to continue strengthening it. Grateful for my profession and the many lives I get to help, which in turn blesses my life. Grateful for this new sense of balance that I am feeling.  And, that is why I have chosen to camp on this word for 2013.  Somewhere along the way in 2012 I finally began to feel "balanced" overall.  My time with my girls, with my husband, my friends, my work, my workouts it all feels well balanced. It is a wonderful feeling for someone who hasn't mastered this skill yet (on the yoga mat or in life). I finally am beginning to feel like I am doing well in all the areas that matter to me.  I have found balance. Now, if I can just hold onto it.  I am always looking to do more and to be better.  Throughout my life I have struggled with finding balance while still meeting expectations for each part of my life.  I can usually knock one area out of the park, while I strike out at another.  This has always caused me anxiety and heartache. My perspectives have changed at this stage in the game.  Whether it be from wisdom from learning the hard way, my strengthened faith in God, my increased personal reflection, or a combo of them all I have learned and am continuing to learn how to feel balanced.  Getting my priorities in line and understanding what is and what isn't important to me and my family has removed a huge burden from me.  I have always been an anxious worrier, this is not a good combo when also paired with an over achieving, high strung, self inflicted "too much on my plate" persona that I also wear.  Thankfully, finding balance: spiritually, mentally and physically I have begun to let go of my anxiety and my control driven fears. I have started to feel a new sense of peace.  I vow to myself to continue in the direction I am headed for all of 2013.  I know that my sweet girls are the two people who benefit the most from this balance driven journey.  And, they are my priority.  Happy New Years!

New Years Eve date #1
New Years Eve date #2
(not pictured, Chris, New Years Eve date #3)
Dancing in the New Year (at 8:00 p.m.!)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Safety Scissors

We need to buy a set.

Ryan loves to cut stuff up.  She is very careful and we haven't had a major hair catastrophe, yet.  Safety scissors are still on the list of items we need.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chris is 36!

Mamaw, Pa and Aunt Krishia kept the girls so I could take Chris out for dinner and drinks. 
The Hackbarts joined us for a night out!
Cheers to CBI!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It snowed on Christmas!  It was Emma's first snow!  

Ryan wanted to go out in the snow in this.
Not happy that I insisted she wear this.
"Man down!" Emma busted on the ice! Poor Pea!
After Christmas dinner at Mamaw and Grandpa's.

Christmas 2012 Part 3 and 4

It started snowing midday on Christmas.  The Ivie family made it over and we got to spend the afternoon with celebrating with them.  We missed Meredith and her family this year because they were in Georgia.
It was snowing so we started a fire!
We also celebrated Bethany's birthday!

More presents!
Emma trying on all her new clothes (on her head!)
Silly Pea!
Gramma with a tutu on her head!

Making Princess play-doh dresses with Gramma!
Gramma and Aunt B

Aunt Bethany painted Ryan's toes and nails!
A new tutu for Pea Pie!

We even got to play a round of Bop It!

Uncle Zach ready to venture out in the cold.

Gran and Paw Paw came over the day after Christmas.  We opened gifts and had Chinese take out!  I failed to take many pictures, but we had a nice evening together.
Ryan got a Strawberry Shortcake outfit!
It was the one thing she told Gran she needed!

Drag queen Strawberry!