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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 Month Stats

Weight: We don't own a scale and no trip to the pediatrician this month but our guess is ~19 lbs
Length: also unsure of exact length, but she is starting to pull up to stand and she is TALL! A lot of her 9 month old pants are high waters :)
Eating: Her schedule is the same. She has begun to get an attitude if you are eating and don't share. She is eating all of the food that we do just small bites.
Sleeping: Bedtime and naps are the same but the past week she has been waking up in the night! One time at midnight I heard her playing and I got up to check on her and give her the paci back. I found her on all fours laughing and just to spite me she popped her own paci back in and laughed some more! Little toot! I had to laugh myself. And then I went and turned the monitor off so she could have her midnight laughfest while I tried to get some sleep! :)
Size: 6-9 months clothing (we are getting into spring and summer wardrobe!), size 3 diapers
Newest Accomplishments: crawling (mostly backwards), moving from belly to sitting to belly again, log rolling across the floor, swim lessons!

These pictures are getting harder to take! She is quick!

The paci is a great incentive to crawling forward

If this kid gets any cuter!!!!!!!!

Doing plank getting warmed up for our swim lesson

Munch is EIGHT months old!

Daddy/Daughter Weekend!!

I had to go out of town this past weekend for 50 whole hours! It was my longest time away from sweet baby girl. I threw a bachelorette party town in the hill country and Ryan spent the weekend with her favorite guy- her Dad and her Gran. I missed her sooooo much but knew she was in good hands and having fun. Chris and Ryan had "daddy daughter date night" (as Chris called it) Friday night at Pluckers. Saturday Chris took Ryan to a birthday party for her friend Scotty. Then on Sunday Gran came over and stayed with Ryan while Chris went to work and I hurriedly drove the 5.5 hours home to make our 1:00 swim lesson. Although I had a great time with my friends, the most fun I had over the weekend was splashing in the pool for 30 minutes with the Munch!

While I was gone Ryan practiced her newest skill- crawling FORWARD! It isn't pretty, or balanced, or fluid and she still has a lot of face plants, but it is forward not backward! Good work Daddy and Ry! (thanks for getting it on camera!) The bottom video was first and then the top one was her making it all the way across her rug!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy and Me Swim Lessons: Class One

One of my birthday gifts this year was "Mommy and Me" swim lessons! Sunday was our first class. It was the day after the celebration, so I was tired, but still excited. Uncle Devin, Aunt Mis and Tauri gave me the 9 week lessons. I had no idea that Chris would feel sad that the class wasn't called "Mommy and Me and Daddy". But after he explained what a big "first" this was in Ryan's life, and that he didn't want to miss a second of it, I totally understood. So, even though the class title doesn't include Daddy, Ryan's daddy was there. And boy is she a lucky girl to have a daddy who is so involved. Chris also mentioned that he was the better swimmer and should be the one teaching her! :-)

Ry loved every second of it- even though she had been awake until 12:30a.m. the night before and had only napped 30 minutes! She went to town in the water! She was the youngest in her class of 7 (and the bravest, and of course the cutest!) We tried to do the four stations as best we could. And- near the end I had to dunk her! I think I got more upset than she did! She is going to be a little fish. Her Grandpa can't wait to get her in his pool this summer! Chris took a ton of great pictures and I decided to post a bunch.

Right before we got in

Mr. Clay, Ryan's teacher, is behind us

There was a lot of splashing !

She held onto the edge on her own!

Loving the water!

Singing Humpty Dumpty...about to dunk her

She gagged a little- I felt so bad!

She quickly recovered

Singing the goodbye song! (Ry's favorite part!)

Proud papa!

(and the "better" swimmer I was told)

We did it! Can't wait until next Sunday!

The Celebration

This past Saturday night we had a celebration! Aunt Mis and Uncle Devin threw us a party to celebrate our newly formed family. We renewed our vows in front of our closest friends and family and celebrated our daughter Ryan. It was so much fun and we are so grateful for everyone that joined us in celebrating.
Little Ry only made it 25 minutes into the party before she got fussy and "acted" like she was ready for bed. She fooled us! Tauri took her home and attempted to put her to bed in her pack-n-play, but Ryan wasn't interested! She decided she would rather stay up late watching movies with Tauri! She had her own party! Unc and Aunt Mis got home from the party at 12:30 while we went out later with friends. Ryan was still awake! She normally is asleep by 8! After attempting the pack-n-play one last time they put her in bed with them and that is where she slept! What a stinker! We have been paying for that night ever since! She ended up in our bed the next night (Chris' fault)! Ahhhhhhh! Her schedule has been all out of whack and we are working hard to get it back on. She was back in her crib last night. We all sleep better in our own beds! I had been telling Chris that he should sleep with her at least one time before she is crawling- we checked that box!

Here are a ton of pictures from our wonderful celebration. Thanks for taking them Aunt Mis!
March 20
My family

The Hosts!
The Ivie's

Tauri, me and the party girl!
Renewing our vows

Our cake was DELICIOUS!


And Family!

Flip Cup
Mom and Peg caught on quick!

The next morning at Unc's. We were ALL tired!