The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

We had a pretty low key Valentines Day this year. I didn't care though because I got to spend it with my girls and Chris! We also got to sneak away for dinner while Gran and PawPaw and Eliana watched Ryan and Emma. It was nice to have dinner and talk about things other than poop, spit up, pumping and nap time.

The weather was beautiful during the day and we got to spend some time at the park. I made a comment that Ryan will probably trip and fall one day and bust her face open. She loves to run crazy and on her toes. Well, I jinxed the poor kiddo. She didn't fall at the park, but she tripped over Chris' foot when we walked in the door. Poor girl busted her lip open. It was so sad. I freaked because there was blood and I thought she might need stitches. Chris remained calm (as usual). Ryan really didn't cry for long, and bless her heart, was more upset that we were upset. She was hugging Chris' neck and giving him kisses to comfort him just minutes after the fall. She is a tough kid. A lot tougher than her mom! She took a mean tumble tonight at my parents house and smacked her head on their coffee table. She barely cried as we watched the goose egg grow. Tough girl!

Her poor lip the morning after :-(

My sweet Valentine Emma!

Emma's Valentines gifts!
(Relatives spoil these girls!)

Ryan's Valentines gifts

Emma's First Bath

Her umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet, but we had to give the girl a bath. She loved it, just like Ryan did.

Tiny hiney!

That lower lip reminds me of Ry!

Ryan supervised (and threw a fit) from the floor

Had to include a bath time picture of my Munch!

Dancing Monkey Video

Whew! Another Week In The Books (We Survived!)

I am pooped and don't have the energy to keep my eyes open and write a long blog describing this second week at home with Emma. For this reason I am just going to put captions under the pictures to describe our week.
PS: Two kids is NO JOKE!
We visited Station 1 to introduce Emma to Chris' old crew.

And because Ryan LOVES fire trucks!

Ryan pretending she is a baby and getting in Emma's co-sleeper

Asking for covers and saying "nite nite baby".

I love baby feet!

Sweet baby girl

I love baby hands too!
(I think I love all parts that are baby!)

Napping with Daddy

I love Ryan's expression here!
Such a stinker!

She is awake for about a solid hour and a half in the morning and another hour in the evening.
We have started the Baby Wise daytime routine and are getting her eat, wake, sleep cycle down

Tummy time is one of her waketime activities after eating

She can hold her head up great!
And then she enjoys a snooze!

Chris' expression says it all- chaos non-stop!
Like I said NO JOKE!

Love snuggling this girl!

My Sleeping Beauty

Mandy and Ha came by for a visit

So did the Gary family!
Ryan loved playing with Brynn

I used my Moby wrap for the first time on one of our walks to the park

Miss Emma Reese tucked away in the wrap but still soaking up some sun!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Week Home

Already a week at home has flown by! And I was reminded today that my baby is already 11 days old! I can't believe it. Time goes by way too fast! We are managing pretty well. I had a couple rough days from overdoing it, but I felt good today. Never a dull moment over here! This definitely seems like a two person job! Chris takes one kid while I take the other. I am often feeding or pumping so Chris is usually managing Ryan. I try to get down on the floor and play with Ryan in between feedings and I got to take Ryan to library story time today, which she loved! Our bedtime routine with Ryan is very important (to all of us) so we try our best to keep that the same. Ryan gave Emma three kisses today and seems be showing a tiny bit more interest in her. Ryan is not a fan of when I nurse Emma. She usually stands next to me and repeats "off, off, off" over and over. She is telling me to get that baby off me! We are trying really hard to get her involved with taking care of her sister. She does like to sit next to Emma in the backseat of the car. Chris and I still can't believe we have two car seats in our cars!

Emma is a super easy baby! She sleeps and sleeps and sleeps! I wake her every three hours to eat and then she usually goes right back to sleep. She usually has an hour in the morning and evening when she is awake and alert. She almost never cries, unless she is ready to eat and I am trying to change her diaper before I feed her. She is sleeping in her co-sleeper next to our bed at night and taking naps in her room and in the pack-n-play in the living room.

We had lots of visitors this past week and lots of yummy food brought to us. Kristi set up a care calendar and it has been wonderful to not have to cook dinner most nights! We took the girls to the pediatrician today for Emma's newborn visit and Ryan's 18 month visit. We were told that we have two perfect little girls! Exactly what we wanted to hear! Dr. Nussbaum agreed with the neonatologist from Parkland. She feels that Emma just went through a transient period after birth and that we should not worry any longer about her not breathing. She listened to her lungs and said they sounded clear and she did not hear any heart murmur either. We were also so happy to hear that Emma now weighs 8.5 lbs!!!! She weighed 7.9 lbs at birth, dropped down to 7.1 lbs while in the hospital and left the hospital one week ago at 7.3 lbs. I knew she was a good eater but it is good to have the proof! She gained over a pound in one week. She is in the 95th percentile for her height at birth (another tall girl!) and 75th percentile for her weight.

Ryan's 18 month stats: weight: 23.1 lbs (50th percentile) length: 33 inches (90th percentile)

Here are a few pictures from our first week at home with our girls!

Ryan woke up to snow!

Ivy and Murph loved playing in the snow

Ryan and Daddy

Pj's with Longhorn rain boots and a jacket!

Our snow covered house and lawn

She refused to wear her gloves!
Her little hands were freezing when we came in!

Emma didn't care about the snow!
(She sleeps just like Ryan did- hands up!)

Ryan and Britton
The Tharps came by for a visit.
Ryan loved playing with the boys!

Kellie and Beckett

Brad and Grandpa holding Emma

Kellie rocking Emma in Ryan's room while our other kids played

Munch playing "nite nite" and asking for "covers" on her floor in her room

Chris made letters for Emma's room

Papa loving on Emma girl

Gramma and Uncle Zach ( or "Ak" as Ry calls him)

SO sweet!
Enjoying a beer and playing with my girl!
Aunt Tauri with Emma
(she snuggled her for hours!)
Such a sweetie pie!
Ryan loved playing blocks and animals with her Aunt Rox

Four beauties!

Awake and alert!

She has beautiful, long fingers like her sister.
(And feet as long as skis- says her Aunt Rox!)

Ryan playing in her room. Love her!

Emma loved Dr. Nussbaum (so do I)

Chris making Ryan giggle at the doctor right before she had to get a shot :-(