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The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quality of life improved to 60-70%

The combination of meds that I am now on seems to be helping. I have gotten back some quality of life.  I can get out of bed and be an active member of my family and even survive a work day. Thank goodness! I don't feel normal, or "good", but so much better than I did a week ago.  I am closing in on the end of the first trimester and hoping that it continues to improve.

Near flood

Chris put Emma in the tub and trusted her to turn the water off.  Thankfully, I wandered back to our bathroom within seconds of the tub overflowing.  Emma had not only failed to turn the water off, but she had also added tons of bubble bath! She thought it was hilarious, and Ryan wanted in on the fun too.

Queen for a day!

Ryan was "Queen for a day" at Hill Elementary.  She got to wear a crown, share her favorite book, toy and a picture of her family with her class.  Her buddy Connor coincidentally was the "King for a day".  Pretty cute, since they are such close buddies.  I got to bring Ryan Subway for lunch and eat with her.  Fun day!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dancing to George

We listened to some classic George Strait on our drive home from dinner and Chris couldn't help but dance in the drive way with Emma to "The Chair" when we got home. Pregnancy hormones and emotions had me in tears watching them. Emma loved it. I married such a loving man and his daughters will always feel loved by him.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Squishy and Chocolate

Kids say some funny things.  At the ages of 3 and 5 they are brutally honest and state the obvious, not knowing what is offensive to others. Ryan and Emma like to say who they are when watching a television show.  "I am her". "I am the pretty girl in pink". "I want to be that girl". They try to claim who they are before the other one does.  It's pretty silly and can often lead to a fight. On one particular show Ryan always wants to be the prettiest lead character and she claims it fast. She usually assigns Emma to be the chunkier. less attractive girl.  Emma always gets so mad and says "I don't want to be the squishy one!"  Cracks me up every time. When there is a pretty, dark skinned character, such as Tiana or Doc, Emma will quickly say "I want to be the chocolate one." Precious.

Monday, September 22, 2014

9.5 weeks

Baby looked great.  3 cm long and a heart rate of 160bpm.  The little toot was squirming all around.  I love the little arm buds. Seeing the baby makes the misery all worth it.  I also got a 4th medication to try to help the nausea.  I have high hopes!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Team Thunder is back!

Decked out in her Thunder gear on our way to the first practice of fall t-ball!

9 weeks = tight jeans

Already having to shop for maternity pants.  #3 comes fast!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Unrelenting Nausea

A sweet friend delivered a "morning sickness" care package.

All I can eat is soup and gingerale, it is like I have the flu!

I have a lot of hope in this new medicine combination.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Picture day fail by mom

I am pretty much worthless because of this unrelenting, never-ending nausea.  I currently cannot get out of bed to do much.  It is awful.  My poor kids are left to fend for themselves on days that Chris is at work.  Mom is in California and so my help is limited.  Thankfully, Dad has been helping me get Ryan to and from school.  Otherwise, she might have missed the last few days. Chris worked a 48 hour shift, so things were BAD at home.  I do not care to divulge the amount of t.v. that my girls have been watching.  Tuesdays Emma doesn't have school so she is stuck at home with her pitiful mom. My dad offered to take Ryan to school, and I gladly accepted his offer.  Monday night I had sat in front of the computer and paid for Ryan's school pictures.  I mentally planned an outfit for her to wear in my head.  I was feeling like I had it somewhat together.  12 hours later, after my nightly cocktail of B6 and Unisom sleep tabs I completely forgot about the dang pictures.  I was so grateful that I did not have to dress myself to take Ryan to school and I let her pick out her own outfit.  Anything to not have to stand up.  Pitiful, I know.  Dad showed up right on time at 7:55 to walk Ryan to school and he even took Emma with him (her only break from the t.v.). I laid in bed and enjoyed the 20 minutes of peace and quiet misery until they returned.  I was so glad that I got to remain horizontal.  Dad and Emma returned and I put on the next movie for Emma to watch when all of a sudden the Unisom haze cleared and I realized it was picture day!  Oh no!  I had let Ryan walk of to school in the very type of t-shirt they tell you not to send your kid in for pictures.  She was wearing a t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on it and "Minnie" written across the front.  I was also unsure if she had combed her hair. I threw on some yoga pants and a bra, grabbed the dress I had planned out so well in my head the day before, and Emma and I ran up to the school.  I knew Kindergarten pictures were first, so I had no time to waste.  Frazzled, I ran into the office, carrying Emma, because somehow she had failed to put shoes on.  I sat in the office waiting for them to bring Ryan to me so I could change her.  I looked a mess and felt that I was going to vomit at any second.  It was bad.  Looking around I noticed all of the "tardy moms" in their pajama pants and ripped t-shirts getting their kids tardy slips.  I fit right in, they actually made me look bad. Their babies and toddlers had shoes on.  It was very humbling.  Thankfully, sweet Ryan came to the office and gave me no grief about changing outifts.  The nurse let me borrow her "lice free" brush and Ryan ended up looking pretty cute, just as I had envisioned the night before. She was a little upset that we couldn't stay, but went back to her classroom without much fuss.  Emma and I made it home where climbed back in bed and cried.  This has got to get better!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Resourceful Ryan

How Ryan's shoes look when she comes home from school.  We asked her why they are knotted and twisted and she said "cause I don't know how to tie them."  She figured out a way to keep them on and not trip!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Unexpected Surprise

I was supposed to start my period while on vacation. I was NOT disappointed that it didn't come. I just assumed it would come on our way home. Then, it didn't. I was positive it would come the first night we were home. Then, it didn't. I felt crampy and bloated so I knew it was coming.... And, then it didn't. I found an old pregnancy test under my sink and decided I would take it to confirm that my period was moments away from starting. And that is when this happened.


I couldn't believe it. It was a faint line, but it was there. So, I immediately assumed it may be another miscarriage. I felt like I was about to start my period. I hadn't remembered ever feeling like this before. I did remember feeling nauseated twice in Galveston. Hmmmmmm....... I hesitated and almost didn't call Chris. I figured I would wait a few days and see what happened. But, I started to freak out and had to tell someone so I called him at work and told him. He was as shocked as me. We both agreed to remain calm (as best we could) and try to remain cautiously optimistic.  Ryan was playing in her room quietly during all of this and she came into my room with one of her baby dolls. Out of the blue she said "I had a baby mommy. I pushed her out and her name is Polly". It was so bizarre! I had never heard her say anything like that! And, Polly is the name that we had decided 2 years ago that we would name a third daughter if we ever had one. Ryan was not in on that info. It felt like a sign from God brought to me by my precious 5 year old.


I wanted more confirmation, so I bought another test. I knew if things were really happening that the line should be darker by the next day.  I took a test and got this.

A dark positive!  I couldn't believe it.  Is this really happening?  We had finally agreed that we were done, and were not going to try for another kid.  We had not made anything final, but after the marathon training and starting new hobby/jobs we were content.  This was such a surprise! We had to take our traditional family pregnancy picture.


I had to work so I went and got lab work done. I was feeling a dull achy feeling that me uneasy all day at work. I got a call from my doctors nurse that my HCG was 93.5 indicating an early pregnancy and that my progesterone was 32.84, which is very good.  I was told to repeat blood work in 48 hours to make sure that my HCG is doubling.  So, now we wait 2 days for those results.  Still nervous, but cautiously optimistic.  I have told my mom, so I know that she is praying for me. 


Got second round of blood work done. Ryan rode the train with me into Parkland. We got a call back from the nurse a few hours later that my HCG went up to 219! She said that was great because it more than doubled. They don't even want to do anymore lab work because it increased so well in 48 hours. I am so happy! I am still aware that things can go wrong, but so happy for another good sign. 

Picture of my belly before it starts growing.


Extreme fatigue has started to set in, especially in the evenings.  I am also noticing a midsection pudge forming already.  Pants are a tiny bit snug, feeling very bloated!  Feeling good and still running and going to Camp Gladiator work outs.  I am hoping that I can continue running, CG and yoga throughout this pregnancy. I am excited to start prenatal yoga in a few weeks  I was able to beg my doctor for another round of blood work.  She said it was unnecessary because my numbers look good and doubled, but she would order it for my piece of mind.  I am going to wait until next week to get it done.  I am scheduled for a sonogram to attempt to hear a heartbeat on next Tuesday.  I cannot wait for that!


decided to get my repeat lab work done today since I was working at Parkland and my patient load allowed me the time to go get it. I was pretty anxious awaiting the results and it seemed to take longer than normal to get the phone call. Then, at lunch I got an email that my results were in and that I could access them from MyChart. I knew this must be good because I assumed the nurse would call me if there was a concern. The fact that the doctor released them to me without explanation made me feel confident that they were okay. It took me forever to get a good signal on my phone to log into MyChart! Finally I got in and was so excited to see my Beta HCG was 2913!!!! That means my numbers have been more than doubling each 48 hours since last Wednesday. What a relief! This means baby is growing. I cannot wait to hear that heartbeat in one week. :-)


Hello nausea........

My book club figured it out tonight. Thankfully, there were only 5 girls besides myself at book club, so not all 15 know. And, besides Kellie, the girls I work with weren't there, so secrets still safe from work.

I'm growing, pants are already getting snug.

Ryan and I doing some relaxing yoga before bed time. Legs up the wall felt so good!


First sono! We saw the heartbeat! A tiny flicker, but a wonderful sign!


I feel awful! I have had a head cold the past few days and my ALL DAY nausea is worse than ever.  Add to that the all day fatigue and I am barely making it.  I know these are good signs that baby is growing, but I forgot how miserable this can be!


All day nausea is killing me. I am barely surviving work days and am worthless in the evenings. When I am asleep is the only time I don't feel terrible. Chris is having to do everything at home. I am scared that I am going to feel this bad for weeks. I go to doctor tomorrow for second sonogram and am going to beg for some anti nausea meds. I had to tell work today, people were starting to think I had a stomach bug!


I had a second sono today. Baby looked great! Still looks like a jellybean but it had grown exactly as it should and I got to hear the precious heart beat which the doctor described as "very strong" and 154 bpm. My BP was high (again) 142/92, so I imagine I will be on BP meds soon. Seems that each pregnancy I get gestational hypertension a little sooner. I am glad there are medications to control it but I also know the meds make me feel sluggish. Oh well, better than having dangerously high BP. I also got a prescription for antinausea meds to help with my all day morning sickness. The doctor was pleased so I am too. Next sonogram in 2 weeks our little raspberry will have visible head, arms and legs. I can't wait! Keep growing little bean.

We made the announcement official on FB, so I can now publish this post.  I will post updates as they occur now.  Secrets out!


2008- the day we found out we were going to be parents.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rangers game

The Hammond family invited us to a Rangers game.  Even though the Rangers are terrible this season we still had a good time. We had great seats ans it was $1 hot dog night.  The peanuts and the cotton candy were the hit.  I felt pretty terrible and it was a school night so we only lasted until the 5th inning.