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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fire Safety

A couple weeks ago Ryan's class studied fire safety.  The guys from station 3 came up to Fielder ECC and taught the kids about what to do in a fire and they let them look at the fire truck.  The firemen knew Ryan and looking at a fire truck is something Ryan does all of the time, so she felt pretty special! On top of being the cool kid in class whose dad is a fireman, she also learned a lot!  She is still talking about all the tips she learned from that day.  Here is what she remembers and the order that she talks out how she will react.

Ryan: "If a fire happens I will go out the window.  And, I will NOT go back in."
Me: "What happens if you remember that you left Bunny inside?"
Ryan: "I will not go back in. I will say 'Fireman, help me!  I need my Bunny!' and then the fireman will say 'It's okay Ryan, we will get him. Calm down and be patient.' "
Me: "Then, what will you do?"
Ryan: "I will calm down and take a deep breath and go to my neighbors house to tell them that there is a fire and to wait for Mommy and Daddy."

I'd say that's a pretty good memory for a 3.5 year old!  She must have had some good teachers. We love firemen!  SO glad that my girls go to such a great preschool and that sweet firemen take the time to teach them such important tips!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Ryan is three and a half! Her class celebrated her 1/2 birthday at school.  Ryan was very excited about this.  We have all noticed a bit of a change in Ryan.  I think as we are getting further from 3 and closer to 4 we are starting to see some maturity in Ryan.  She is starting to enjoy pleasing us, and finds less pleasure in pushing limits and throwing fits. Thank you, Lord. She often says "I will do that, cause it will make Mommy so proud of me."  She is listening better, following directions better, and showing rationalization skills (which are absent at 2 and early 3).  It is really nice to watch her start to blossom into a little girl.  She is also in the middle of a growth spurt we think, eating more and taking long naps.  Her vocabulary is incredible.  She still amazes us (and everyone she talks to) with her verbal skills.  She is an excellent communicator.  She still loves books and movies.  She remains quite the thespian.  She still prefers skirts and dresses but has started to like wearing leggings.  Mrs. Harris asked that Ryan wear leggings to school (even under her skirts) so that she can be more lady like in circle time.  Ryan loves Mrs. Harris, so she has accepted this new rule well.  She still prefers not to wear socks and likes to be in just her panties at home.  She sleeps in her panties and only likes her blanket to cover her up to her waist.  Ryan likes for Chris or I to lay on her trundle bed and read our book with our book light while she falls asleep, sometimes we do too! "Locked Out Of Heaven" by Bruno Mars is Ryan's favorite song to lip sink (very dramatically to) and dance to with her daddy. I got to get a video of them performing together.  It is hard to believe that in 6 months we will have a FOUR year old!

2 Year Letters to our Pea Pie

On Emma's birthday I woke up early and lay in bed remembering her birth.
I cried and cried and felt so grateful that I have her and that she is so healthy.
Two years ago was one of the best and one of the scariest days of my life.
I cannot imagine my life without her.
She must have known I needed a hug from her,
 because she woke up early and came into my room.
She lay on me for 30 minutes and we snuggled.
It was the best!

My Sweetest Pea,
You are TWO!  How the heck did that happen???  You and I sure have come along way these past two years.  You had a rough start and I had a few rough months, but now we are both as healthy as can be.  Praise God! You have been the BEST baby! You are so low maintenance and so laid back.  You play hard, nap hard, you almost never cry, you are easily entertained and play well with others and alone. You have so much fun at school and are such a brave and social girl.  Although you are the youngest kid in your class, you are the tallest and walk right in ready to learn without a glance back at us.  You put sassy and Zeebee in your backpack and act like such a big girl. Your teachers always tell us what a happy and chatty little girl you are.  You like to make messes, with water, markers, food, toys. If something is in order and straightened you make sure to "fix" it. You love snacks: cheerios, goldfish and cookies are your favorites.  You ask for each by name along with a "dwink". You still dislike fruit. I can only get you to eat applesauce and an occasional banana or apple.  You climb everything and have no fear.  You are the first one down the slide and are able to climb to the top of anything while dragging Zeebee along. You love the monkey bars and your roller coaster.  You are getting more words everyday and I think you can say a lot more than we think.  You surprise us every day with new words and phrases.  Ryan and you are becoming such good friends and playmates.  You two love to play in the bath tub and you also love to chase each other around the house.  You are fast! When Ryan is happy and laughing you are thrilled.  You love to be included in her fun and she thinks that you are great to play with.  When you are sad or need comfort you look for me.  I hope you always do.  I love to hold you and make it all better. Your smile lights up the room and is contagious! The amount of joy and spunk that you bring to our family is immeasurable. Thank you for all of the smiles, all of the love, all of the joy.  Being your mom is the most fun I have ever had. Love you to the moon and back my sweet, little,  precious Pea!


Emma Girl ..... you have been such a blessing. Two years ago, I didn't realize I had the ability to share my love and then you made your grand entrance and proved me wrong. You are the sweetest girl and it melts my heart when I here you say "daddy" every time we see each other. I love you so much and feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be able to call myself your daddy. Happy Big Birthday #2!!


Emma Reese Ivie is TWO

Some of the MANY things I LOVE about you at TWO!
The way you say "hi guys" and "bye guys" when entering a room or closing a door.
How you call Ryan "Pie Pie".
The freckle on your right scapula.
Your hairstyle. 2 long pieces on each side. (See below)
Your sweet "pees" and "anku"!  You have excellent manners, especially for two years old!
You are awesome at puzzles and all fine motor skills.
How tough you are.  You fall, and fall hard, and get right up and carry on. Your legs are always covered in bruises.
The way you call Zeebee "beebee".
How excited you get when we walk in the door from work or being gone.  You yell "Mommy" and run to me.
You can count to ten, we had no idea until you did it out of nowhere one day.
You know all your letters and love to watch The Letter Factory.
You have THE SWEETEST voice.  Although we don't always understand what you are saying, the way you say whatever it is you are saying is the best!
You are still very attached to your paci and I LOVE that you call it your "sassy".  For that reason I am not taking it away yet. :-)
You love Mickey Mouse and all of his friends.
You continue to be the best sleeper EVER and have transitioned easily into your toddler bed.  You still to this day have never slept with us and you hardly ever wake up in the night.  If you do it is for a quick sassy retrieval.  When you wake up in the morning you open my door (loudly) and make sure I am up!
You love to be tickled.  You raise your shirt for any and everyone to tickle your tummy.  If you have no takers or are alone in your room trying to fall asleep you tickle yourself using Zeebee's legs.  It is so darling.
Ryan loves to play with you.  She often says "Mom, can Emma chase me?" Those are magic words to you.  You start smiling and take off after her.  The giggles start and I am in heaven.
You can now jump!  Both feet come off the ground!
Emma Reese Ivie you are the sweetest Pea I know!  Love you to the moon and back!
Long in the front, short in the back.
You have yet to have a haircut.

Posh pays $$$ for your cut!
You have enough hair for a bath-hawk!

You love your easel!
You have made some masterpieces on the underside.
Reading books in your hat.

You love to color!

Helping Pa.
Tickling your own foot with Zeebee.
This is how you self soothe and show us that you are sleepy!
You hopped on and said "yeehaw!"
No fear!

You love the sandbox.
I love your bottom lip!
Fun at the library with Grandpa!
Eating oatmeal in bed with Daddy the morning of your birthday.
Daddy with his 2 and 3.5 year old girls!
We took Ryan to school and then you got to spend the morning with
Daddy and me.  We played out in the backyard and went to the park!

Unhappy Pea.
(notice the bruised shins)

All better!

My precious, precious Pea!
Birthday lunch at McDonalds!
(this picture gives a great view of your hairstyle from the front.)

Ry Pie was happy to join you for a birthday happy meal!
It is her half birthday!
Ice cream time!

One day all of your hair will be as long as those side pieces.
Happy Half Birthday to my Munch!
Great day with our big girls!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

FW Stock show

We took the girls to the Fort Worth Stock show because the weather was perfect on Sunday.  I had never been and I knew the girls enjoyed it when my parents took them last year.  We met the Hackbarts there and spent a few hours walking around checking out the animals.  The line was long for the petting zoo, so we didn't get to do that part.  Ryan did get to ride the Ferris Wheel and she liked the pigs the best.  Emma liked the cows best.  Both Bunny and Zeebee fell to the ground multiple times and got extremely dirty from mud/poop.  I was very grossed out by that and not a huge fan of it all.  I am definitely NOT a country girl! Oh well, the kids had a good time and we ended the day on Central Market's patio for beer and dinner.  My reward!
Walking up it was windy!
Zeebee taking a break.

Ryan, Katie and Emma checking out the sheep.

Running from pen to pen!
Ry Pie loving the baby pigs!
I am smiling at this point because we are headed to Central Market.

Emma's 2nd Birthday Party!

Aunt Rocks putting the finishing touches on the fabulous Olivia cake she made!
Mamaw helping me set up.
The cake was beautiful and delicious!
We had lots of sweet treats. Emma ate a handful of each!
We had popcorn with white chocolate and M&M's for favors.
Emma arrived in style in the adorable birthday outfit
that Aunt Rocks and Unc Unc got for her.

Ryan was very excited for her sister's party!
The girls wasted no time before climbing and sliding on the play scape!

Aunt Rocks and Ry Pie
Unc Unc and Pea Pie
Olivia loves to change outfits, so we set up a photo
booth for the kids to dress up and look silly!
Emma and Mommy warming up the photo booth!

Ryan posing!
Emma was very excited to see her Aunt Bethany!
We had a great turn out of Emma's friends!
Ryan was so happy that her good friend Eily came!
Tharp boys!
Ryan and Beckett had fun on the slide together.
Emma loved her cake!

She loved being sang to!

Ryan got a new outfit from Gran and Pawpaw
Ashlyn was shy at first, but was tearing up the slide by the end of the party!
Sugar stoned.
Emma loved the marshmallows that Unc Unc made.

Aunt Bethany and Ryan hanging out on the couch.
Ryan ended up with Emma's tiara on!
More marshmallows!

Baby Paxton!
Love that everyone wore red, black and white! 
Emma opening up gifts from her grandparents.
We asked that everyone bring a donation for the Parkland
Pediatric burn patients (toys, socks, clothes, games, CD players)
instead of a gift for Emma.  We were blown away by all that
we collected!  Emma's friends and family were so generous and we
cannot wait to bring it all to the hospital.

Coming down from sugar high!
The photo booth was a hit!

Thank you to everyone who came to the party and made it such a special day for our special little Pea.  Thank you also for all of the generous donations that were given.  Emma will be delivering it all to the Parkland Burn Unit soon and I will post pictures.