The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Friday, May 31, 2013

A Great Year of Preschool!

We couldn't have asked for a better year of preschool!  Both girls absolutely loved school this year! Even Emma, being the youngest kid at the preschool, did wonderfully.  You would never have guessed that she was the baby.  Both girls matured so much and learned so much.  We LOVE Fielder ECC!

Emma's class picture

Emma's report card
(not bad for being the youngest kid!)

I love that they called her a sweet pea!  That is always what we have called her and the
teachers had no idea!

Ryan's class picture
(Mrs. Amato was absent on picture day)

Ryan's report card
She accomplished everything!  She is a smart girl!

We are so thankful that Ryan had Mrs. Harris!  Ryan adores her!

One of my favorite pieces of artwork Ryan made

Both Ryan and Emma's class had end of year parties.  I provided the juice for Emma's class, but parents aren't allowed to attend the 2 year old parties. (We did sneak a few peeks in the window though).  I was the class photographer for Ryan's party.  Here are some of the pictures I got from the party.
The awesome cake that April, Kayla's mom, made.
Ryan was super excited to see Chris and I at her party!
Bishop, Ryan's favorite boy.
Kayla, one of Ryan's best buds.
Eily, another one of Ryan's closest friends.
Ryan still had her hair clip in at 11:00!
We have come along way this school year!

She was so happy to have her Daddy!
Eily and Kelli
Ryan found her name on the cake.
Making a craft.
My husband is so awesome with kids.
They all flock to him!
Eily, Isabella and Ry
Playing volleyball

Ryan with her fabulous teachers!
Take 1
Take 2
Superstars Class
Emma with her teachers.
I cannot believe that my silly Munch will be in pre-k next year.

Celebrating last day of school!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strawberry Short Pea

More like strawberry tall pea!

Hanging with the E girls

We have been having a lot of fun with the Ennis family!  Ryan and Eily have been in the same preschool class the past two years and they also took swim lessons together.  This past year I have become very good friend with Kelli, Eily and Emory's mom.  Chris and Bobby have also become buddies and our families have a lot of fun when we get together.  The Ennis family lives right around the corner and we plan on spending a lot of time together this summer.  We recently took the TRE train to Kelli's 40th bday party in Fort Worth and we have gotten together a few times to swim.  Good times with our new good friends!

Emma on the train.
Ryan loving being on Thomas!

Ryan and Eily making a new game out of Jenga.

Sweet Reece holding Emma.
Happy Birthday to Kelli!

I love this chick!
Sweaty buddies
Cake time!
Pool party!
Modeling her new swimsuit.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Care Now

We almost made it four years as parents without a trip to Care Now.  I have never had to go to one for myself, but we had to this weekend for poor Ry Pie.  We are on week 5 of our home remodel.  Hopefully two weeks to go. There has been a LOT of dust and all four of us have suffered some congestion and coughing as a result.  We had managed to not go to the doctor and the messy part of the project is over.  I thought the coughing and congestion days were over!  I was wrong. We had a very busy Saturday filled with soccer game, soccer party, and 2 birthday parties.  During the second birthday party Ryan started complaining about her right ear hurting. The weather suddenly turned bad and it started pouring rain, so we headed home.  At this point her ear really started hurting and she asked to go to the doctor.  Of course it was a Saturday of a 3 day holiday weekend. My gut told me I needed to take her in.  I called Care Now and took her in.  Turns out her sinus infection had ended up in both her ears.  I can't remember the last time she had an ear infection, I guess we can chalk it up to the remodel. The doctor was also concerned about her lungs.  She wanted to do a chest x-ray to make sure Ryan didn't have pneumonia.  Thankfully, she did not.  We got a prescription for antibiotics and steroids. Although it wasn't an ideal Saturday night (nor was it a cheap one), Ryan made me smile the whole time. She was absolutely adorable the entire 45 minutes we were in the clinic.  Everyone was in love with her.  I was very proud of my big, brave girl. She had excellent manners and was extremely cooperative with everything.  The x-ray tech said she has never had a kid that young behave so well during x-rays.

Waiting for the doctor.  Smiley, and not looking sick at all!
Ryan loved her "Cinderella" dress that she got to wear for the x-rays.
When she lay on the x-ray table she said "Oh, this is so comfortable".
Anyone who has laid on an x-ray table knows that is completely untrue!
She also pretended she was Sleeping Beauty.
Ryan and Bunny's first x-ray.
Pink shoes and all!
My big girl.
She found a Mulan Barbie at CVS while we waited for her medicine.
She loves the Mulan soundtrack and told me that the Barbie would make her feel better.
How could I say no?????