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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Quite Six Months......

Photo shoot with Mom

Eating waffle fries at Pluckers

This was cruel- but we had to take pictures. Chris made this sound as he leaned in close to the mirror and she got so upset. We weren't sure what was upsetting to her, so Chris did it a few times. We felt bad afterwards and gave her lots of kisses (after we took pics).

She turns six months in two days so I considered doing her 6 month stats today, but then I realized I could put it off until next week. Why would I want to do anything earlier/quicker than I have to? This little girl is already growing up too fast. So, I am going to soak up the last two days of her fifth month and I will accept that she is half a year old next week.

Ryan completed her first 5K with us this past weekend! She loved every second of it- Chris and I not so much. It was my first race since having Ryan and I am not in the shape I was before. We did it though, and now we are going to try to get back into it. The treadmill at home is helping. We have a lot of work to do before we go to the beach in June!

Our Growing Girl

Videos- Videos- Videos!!!!!

We have THE cutest little girl! - so we have to show you all the cute stuff she is doing these days!

She is rolling


Cracking up at videos of herself

Sweet baby girl is such a good sleeper- at night and at nap time. It is so sweet to wake her up from her sweet dreams. She sure loves to snuggle her bunny. :) Chris was attempting to wake her up from a nap.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Night Without Baby Girl

I did it! I survived a night away from my sweetie pie. We left Ryan overnight (24.5 hours to be exact) to go to Austin for one of my best friends 30th birthday party. She stayed the night with her Mamaw and Grandpa. They say she slept good, but they "checked" on her 6 times in the night. ( I think they had their monitor up loud enough that I could have heard her in Austin!) Thanks Mom and Dad for always helping us out!

It was great to see my old friends. It was the first time my five best friends and I have ALL been together in awhile. Those fun times are few and far between now a days. I am grateful to still have those close relationships and can only hope that Ryan is as fortunate as I have been in the friendship department. Second to family that is what it is all about.

I didn't do a very good job with taking lots of pictures- blame the Austin trip.

She doesn't take a bad picture though.

Must be hard to be so cute all the time :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Fun with the "Munch"

This week was a lot of fun AND an end of an era. Ryan and I gave up breastfeeding!!! She was ready to be weaned and so was I. I am so glad that Ryan was such a good breast feeder and that she got all the nutrients and immunity from it for 5 1/2 months. She has yet to get sick now she is eating lots of foods and getting bigger and stronger everyday. I am so proud (of both of us for the breastfeeding feat!)
Ryan looked ADORABLE in her new outfit from Gran and Pawpaw. It was a dress with matching tights that had little socks attached! She wore it out to dinner with mom, dad and their friends.

We introduced the sippy cup. She still takes her bottle but she gets to "practice" with the sippy cup with her solids.

Little girl is starting to sit up (only for a minute or so before toppling over)

But she is able to self correct now!

Sitting up makes bath time so much more fun!

It is easier to pet your kitty cats when you can sit up

Ryan got to try out her new swing from Mamaw and Grandpa

She wasn't too sure at first, but ended up liking it.

Discovering Bath Toys

Ryan is able to sit up in her little tub and is discovering bath toys. Bath time is even more fun now. She is getting too big!


Ryan got a bunch of new books for Christmas and we have been reading a few every night before bedtime. She has really started to enjoy reading. Most of the time she just looks up at me as I read and doesn't pay that much attention to the pictures. I think it is precious! This particular book about belly buttons (aka Bee-bos) really hit her funny bone- and mine! Her daddy heard her laughing as I read it and got the camera ready for round 2!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 Month Stats

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces

Length: Actual inches unknown because we did not go to pediatrician this month, but tall enough to jump in the horsey!

Pizza Face: Resolved, blemish free

Thighs: Bigger and Better (as seen above)

Hair: Coming in dark and hello cow licks!

Eyes: Holding at blue

Eating: (4) 6oz bottles of formula every 3- 3 1/2 hours throughout the day and three "meals" a day.
Ryan's Typical Menu
Breakfast: Rice cereal or oatmeal with bananas, pears or apples
Lunch: Turkey, peas and prunes
Dinner: Ham, sweet potatoes and apricots
Favorite Foods: green peas and prunes

Sleeping: Bedtime at 8:00 p.m. and sleeps until 9:00 a.m. Our routine: every other night we do a bath. Then we read two books and snuggle in the rocking chair. Ryan has a small bottle and then she is put in her crib with her bunny to snuggle and she puts herself to sleep. She is amazing! We are SOOOOO lucky to have such a good sleeper!

Naps: 2-3 a day usually 2 short cat naps lasting ~30 min and 1 long nap lasting ~1.5 hrs.

Size: Still squeezing into a few 3-6 month old clothes, but mostly into the 6 month old size.
Size 2 diapers

Likes: Horsey jumper, playmat, eating, sleeping, bath time, her bunny, paci, her two kitty cats, outside, hanging with mom and dad

Nicknames: Ryno (dads), Munchy (moms), Prairie dog (grandpa)

Newest Accomplishments: Rolling over, jumping on the horsey, sitting unsupported for ~30 seconds

A messy morning

Chris' Bday dinner

My Cowgirl

15 minutes into riding

An hour later....going, going



Love you so much Munchy! Can't believe at the end of this month you will be half a year old. I just thought about the fact that you will only be "required" to live at home with your Dad and I for 17.5 more years. That is not long enough!!!!!!! I want you to live with us forever. Time is going by way too fast. Keep getting smarter and growing big, but not so fast.



Monday, January 4, 2010

Giddy-Up Cowgirl

Ryan is definitely getting taller! Just a week ago she couldn't use this jumper because she couldn't reach. As you can see, she can reach the ground and jump, jump, jump now.

In fact, the first day she figured out she could do this she jumped for an hour straight and then took a nap on her horse. I was at work, but Chris got this awesome video!

I couldn't wait to post these videos because I thought they were too cute! I will do my normal post tomorrow- 5 month stats!