The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Arlington's First Annual Food Truck Festival

We had a blast!  Great food, great cause, bounce houses, face painting, live music, cold beer!  You can bet the Ivie family will make this annual event at the Ballpark every year!  The weather was perfect and we all had a great time!


Ry liked going down by the field.

Emma has no fear!

Pea Pie clapping to the music.
Warming up the dance floor.
Ryan was spinning and dancing to the music!
Emma decided to do a  little yoga on the dance floor!

I loved dancing with my girls!

Great Saturday evening!

White Rock and Roll 10 Mile

Ashley and I after the race

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smarty pants

I got the weekly email from Ryan's teachers telling us what they would be studying this week. The e-mail said they were going to start learning their home addresses. I asked Ryan the next day if she knew her address. I didn't expect her to, and was going to start working on it with her. To my surprise she spouted off the whole thing! She even told me that her city is Arlington and her state is Texas! She is suck a quick learner!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ice skating!

Ryan got invited to a classmates birthday party at the ice skating rink.  For some reason I thought we should all give it a try.  I thought I remembered ice skating to be fairly easy when I was a kid.  I was wrong! It was hard!  Ryan and I stayed close to the edge, Chris and Emma were more daring.
Ryan had been looking forward to ice skating all week!
Emma  was excited to be hanging with the big kids.
She is so long!

She (and I) didn't venture too far from the safety of the edge.
Chris was a sweaty mess and his back was hurting when he got done with Emma!

I was also this happy to be off the ice and eating cake!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Go Rangers!

Our builder for our upcoming remodel (which starts next week!) gave us Rangers tickets!  We had a great time at the game with some great friends.  I don't think I stopped laughing the entire night.  It was a fun night!
Thanks to Gramma and Aunt Bethany for keeping the girls!

My husband is handsome and hilarious!
Jeff and Catherine
(he is also hilarious!)
Chris and Brad
Cracking me up!
Brad and Chris having a post game beer chugging contest.
Brad also did a back handspring and a back flip.
I did a few handstands in the bar (completely embarrassing Chris).
Non-stop entertainment with this group!

Mamaw the fashionista!

Mamaw didn't dress warm enough for Ryan's soccer game.
Thankfully, I had an extra sweatshirt and we had two chair covers
 that worked as her leg warmers!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I get a good leg and ab workout doing this with Ryan.  Over and over and over again.

Friday Fro Yo

On most Friday afternoons, after I pick the girls up from school, we go to the library to have a puppet show and check out books. Then, we walk down to get frozen yogurt. Both girls LOVE the treat!

Ry Pie likes strawberry with sprinkles.
She even drinks the melted part.
Silly Pea likes yellow cake with sprinkles.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Park Fun

We found another fabulous park near our house.  Mamaw and I took the girls and they had a blast!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snoozin' on the floor

This is how Chris found her when he went in to wake her up from her nap.
I am just glad she took a break from playing to take a rest,
even if it looks uncomfortable!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


She has a bunch!  And, she has the cutest voice too!  Here are a few of my current favorite Emma-isms.

Buppies - for her favorite show The Bubble Guppies
Pie Pie - for her sister
Memaw - for Mamaw
Rella - for Cinderella
Eee-en! - when she is done reading a book
Wig-ya - for Olivia the pig
Tank chew - for thank you
Eeeeeeema - how she says her name :-)

She is a goof ball!
She lights up every day!
My sunshine!

Lots of laundry

Sweet Pea is VERY ready to be potty trained.  She practices "tinkling", tells us when she poops and hates to have a wet diaper on.  She takes her diaper off all of the time when it is wet. This doesn't pose that big of a problem unless it is during the night. We lock Emma in her room at bedtime (and nap time) and she usually plays for a little bit, and ultimately pees (especially on bath nights).  Lately when this happens she strips to the nude from the waist down and finishes playing and then goes to bed. Since she sleeps a solid 11-12 hours she ends up peeing again during the night and we end up doing a LOT of laundry these days.

At nap time we put her in shorts under her dresses to deter her.
This only occasionally works.
This day she fell asleep on the floor playing.
(with her diaper on!)