The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Face Painting at Mamaw's

Mamaw painted Ry's face.
Ryan painted Mamaw's!
She is such a good sport!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Emma Reese is 2.5!

Words to describe Emma at 2.5 years old:  Fearless, Happy-go-lucky, Tough, Funny, Tall, Mischievous, Beautiful, Determined, Sweet, Rambunctious, Mama's Girl
She is so long, she fills up the new tub!
Such a goofy, funny girl!
Love my sweet Pea!

Four Year Letters to Ryan

You are such a pretty princess.  Natural beauty queen.
You are an awesome swimmer!
You make me laugh all of the time.
Happy 4th birthday, my love

Dearest Munch,
It seems like I just wrote you a three year letter.  Although that seems like yesterday, you have accomplished so much in the past year.  You have tried (and loved): Soccer, Gymnastics, Swimming, Camp.  You really came out of your shell at school and absolutely loved your teachers and going to school. You matured socially and made a lot of new friends, (which in turn I did too!) You have learned to take advantage of your live in best friend ("Em" as you call her).  You two have so much fun playing together, and y'all also know how to throw down WWF style!  You continue to be a fabulous sleeper in your own bed, all night!  You don't even try (or want) to sleep with us.  You have recently given up naps. You still love your Bunny, but are able to leave him home to nap while we run errands. You have started to tolerate and even ask for hair clips, headbands, pony tails and braids.  You still prefer to wear dresses and skirts.  You change clothes 4-5 times a day.  You like to wear pajamas 50% of the time (your "nipples the other 50%).  When you get in trouble you ask for a hug to make up. You also ask to call Grandpa anytime you are in trouble or sad.  You are strong willed and put up a good fight to get your way.  You like your window down in the car.  You like to go for "runs" with us around the neighborhood and you tell us how sweaty you are. You still love to read. Your favorite books right now are: Miss Molly, Knuffle Bunny, Part time Princess.  Your favorite shows to watch on t.v. are: Sophia, Dora, Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins. You enjoy story time at the library and the botanical gardens.  I enjoy every second that I get to spend with you.  You amaze me with all you can do and all you know at four!  Happy birthday baby!  I love you to the moon and back!


4 years ago a beautiful girl was born and changed my life. You have been the biggest blessing. I love watching you grow and mature. You are transforming from my little baby to the sweetest little girl. I am so proud to be your daddy. Please don't grow up too fast.


Ryan Layne Turns FOUR!

We spent her actual birthday together at home!  The girls slept in and we waited for Ry to wake up and open her gifts from us.  It is still hard to believe we have a four year old! One heck of a 4 year old!
Ryan Layne Ivie
4 years old!

Hugs for Daddy
Emma wanted some Daddy love too, smart girl.
Lucky Daddy.
Ry got a bicycle helmet.
Emma was so excited she put it on while it was still in package!

Cracks me up!

Emma got a Sophia tea set too!
(thank goodness!)
The birthday girl trying on a new outfit and new shoes!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Party

This year Ryan decided she wanted to have a Strawberry Shortcake swim party!  She decided about 4 months ago and never wavered.  Aunt Rocks let Ryan look through a bunch of pictures of cakes and Ryan picked out the one she wanted.  Uncle, Tauri and Aunt Rocks got home from vacation late Friday night and spent the night with us.  Aunt Rocks (with the help of Uncle, Tauri and Ryan) made the cake the morning of the party.  It was very impressive to watch!  Here are the pictures from the cake making party and the Strawberry Shortcake swim party.  It was a great day!

Uncle and his girls!
Ryan got to open up one gift from us the morning of her party.
It was a new swimsuit, goggles, diving rings and strawberry shoes.
She was all set for her pool party!
Aunt Rocks and Ryan
Emma was ready to party!
She put this on herself!

Ryan hung out in the kitchen for over 4 hours.
She loved "helping".
Our new kitchen was great for the project!
Aunt Rocks is so awesome to do this every year for
the girls!

Uncle helped me with food prep and balloons.
So did Tauri!
The cake turned out amazing!
The spread.
Ryan LOVED her cake!
Ready to celebrate!
Our girl was so excited to have her friends over to swim!
Kayla and Ryan
Ryan, Emory, Lilly, Kayla
The pool felt great and the weather was awesome!
It was only 90 degrees!
Katie on the slide!

Eily and Ryan
EIly, Emory, Lilly and Ryan
Cake time!

Blowing out the candles.
She did it!

Daddy love.
Cute Kayla eating some cake.
Ryan and Julianna
Opening presents.
Ryan and Britton
Mamaw and Pea
Our good friends Bobby and Kelli
The Ivie crew
Beckett and Britton
Uncle Zach enjoyed dipping his toes in!
Gramma got to love on Scotty.
That's my girl! 
Hosting a pool party is so much easier now that Ryan
can be in the pool alone!
Emma on the slide!

Proud parents of a 4 year old!
Ryan put on her "princess party" oufit and Mamaw's high heels.
Happy Birthday to our girl!
Love you, Ryan!