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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, February 7, 2016

First Place!

Emma was invited to play on the U6/7 Legends girls team in a tournament. Such an honor since she is just barely 5.  She actually got quite a bit of play time and even scored a goal in a game they won 2-1!  I was so incredibly proud of her.  This league is intense and rough and Emma holds her own.  She is learning so much from these older girls and from these dedicated coaches.  We plan to keep her involved in this league for as long as we can! The ended up winning first place in the tournament.  They beat an all boys team in the championship game!  Girl power!
The two teams that played in the championship game.  Emma and Sophia look so little because they are 2 years younger!
First place! They got the big trophy and they each got an individual trophy too.

They raised the roof- literally!

Sophia and Emma!
(Cheerleader Ry in the background)

Coach Humberto is the best!

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