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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Facing her Fear

Emma decided since she is now 6 years old that she would try to face her biggest fear.......BANANAS! I went to the store and picked out a perfectly ripe banana to make it a good experience.  She really had to psych herself up for this.  I took pictures of the 15 minute ordeal.
At first she would not even come near it.

Telling herself she can do it.

Encouragement from Ryan and an eye roll from Polly

She could not believe she was holding it!

so brave!

That was as far as she got.
The tears,  gagging and dry heaving started immediately.
It took her about 1/2 an hour to recover.
Although she did not really consume any of the banana we were very proud of her for giving it a shot.  And, we now know that bananas really do make her sick, literally!

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