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The Ivie Family Blog

Thursday, May 7, 2015

First C shift

I am so grateful that Chris was able to take off for a whole month with each new baby. It has been so helpful to have him at home!  Most mornings he took Polly from me after she ate at 7 and got the big girls up, dressed and fed and taken to school. I have had my best sleep between 7-10 a.m. and I am so thankful for it!  The month with him home after Polly flew by and the dreaded first C shift rolled around.  (Dreaded by me and anticipated by Chris!).  My parents were out of town, but Gran saved the day by offering to take Ryan to school for me.  This saved me from having to get all three girls up, fed and dressed and loaded and unloaded at Hill.  Life saver!  I know that I will end up doing this soon enough, but I will put it off as long as possible! Ha!
After Ryan was gone to school Emma, Polly and I spent the morning in the driveway riding bikes, drawing with chalk and exercising.  I was able to run 2 miles on the treadmill while Polly napped and Emma took on the role of paci rescuer when Polly's paci fell out.  So nice to have a helper!  I remember when Emma was tiny and I would try to sneak in a workout she would always wake up and cry and I would have to go check on her and get her paci back in.  This is no longer a problem with Emma and Ryan around!
We stayed busy all day and made a trip to the library for new books and stopped by Starbucks so I could stay awake! Then, we walked (Emma rode) up to Hill to pick up Ryan.  The evening hours of 4-7 were definitely my most tired, but I was able to push through (more coffee!).  All kids were fed, bathed, read to and snuggled.  First C shift with 3 kids is in the books (and we had no natural disasters or home warranty issues to top it off = WIN!).

Hook 'em horns!
Sweet snuggles
Slow and painful, but it is a start!
Headed to get big sister!

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