The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lunch with my First Grader who is growing up so fast!

I started a new job, that allows me much more flexibility.  It is 5 miles from home and I am able to come and go as I please as long as I get my patients done.  So far, I am LOVING it!  On my work days I can now take the girls to school, and often times pick them up too!  I am able to nurse Polly before leaving for work, instead of pump.  I am not rushing to catch a train in the dark anymore (except on the 1-2 days a month I still go to Parkland). I can also run up to the kids schools during the middle of the day for whatever reason.  It is great!  I took advantage of this flexibility and decided to run up to Ryan's school to surprise her at lunch.  She eats lunch at 10:30!!!!!  When I got there she was sitting with friends talking up a storm and eating.  She was happy to see me. We had a good time and then when there was about 10 minutes left she started to worry about me leaving.  She was saying that she would miss me and wishing I could stay the rest of the day.  She reminded me of how she was those first few months at kindergarten.  When lunch ended she tried to be big, but her chin quivered and she looked like she was going to cry.  It made me sad, and her as well.  I left feeling unsure of whether or not I should have surprised her.  The next day as I walked her into school she said "mom, will you not surprise me anymore at lunch?"  I said "ok, babe, how come?"  She said " because I don't want to cry and be sad at school."  Sweet girl.  So brave to tell me.  Although it made me sad, I was also so proud of her honesty and bravery.  How mature for a 6 year old to recognize how she felt and be able to verbalize it.  Although she liked seeing me, she didn't like the goodbye and it affected the rest of her day and made her sad.  I will respect that and not surprise her anymore.  Sad for me, but proud of her.

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