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The Ivie Family Blog

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Polly is 8 months!

Pollyanna Jane Ivie is getting so big!  No doctor visit until next month, so I don't have weight and height updates but I do have some milestones! Just this week, a few days shy of 8 months, she got her first tooth and the next day her second! So, she now has two little bottom teeth popping up on the bottom. She has bit me a couple times- not fun! I always quit nursing before or around the time Ryan and Emma got their first teeth.  (Ryan didn't get her first teeth until she was 9 months old!) Polly and I are still going strong on the nursing and as long as I can teach her not to bite me and she still wants to nurse we will continue. The other milestone that she hit is crawling! Already! I had to look back, but Emma also started crawling early- between 7-8 months.  Little PJ started transitioning from belly to sitting last week and started army crawling a few days later and then yesterday she started really crawling.  On all fours!  I can't believe it! Such a big girl.  She is also definitely entering the separation anxiety phase. She really wants me to hold her and notices when I pass her off or leave the room. That's my girl!

2 teeth!!!!

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