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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, April 10, 2016

One Year Old Girl!

that lip!
And just like that, our baby girl is a ONE year old!  I cannot believe it!

Weight: 21.2 pounds (50th%)
Height: 31 inches (95th%)
Hair: coming in light brown and thicker every day
Eyes: still blue
Shoes: have yet to put a pair on her, but she got a pair for her birthday!
Diapers: size 4
Clothes: 12 and 12-18 months
Teeth: still just two on bottom
Eats: whole milk!!!! from a bottle when she wakes, around noon, in the afternoon and at bedtime.
She loves to eat and wants whatever you are having.  She can eat and eat and eat! Because she still only has 2 bottom teeth we have to give her small pieces, but she shovels it in! She drinks prune juice and water from a sippy cup with all her meals.
Sleeps; Still takes 2 solid 2 hour naps a day and sleeps a hard 13 at night!  Love it!

So far Polly has zero interest in walking or talking.  Apparently that is normal for #3- her sisters carry her and talk for her!  If I try to get her to practice walking holding my hands she gets ticked off!  She wants no part of it.  She prefers to be held most of the time, unless she is on the floor playing with her sisters.  She will sometimes push her rocking chair around, but that is it for walking! She still only babbles and it is mostly "da-da" that she says. Pa tried to teach her to hold up a one like he taught Ryan but she hasn't quite gotten it down yet.  She does have a temper and can let us know when she is mad. She is so dang sweet and cute and we love her so much and are in absolutely no hurry for her to grow up!

she bear crawls outside to save her knees!

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