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The Ivie Family Blog

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Destin Summer 2016

What a trip we had! 5 families all together in Destin! 10 adults and 11 kids.  Non stop action, for sure.  We enjoyed another fun week in Destin, Florida with some of our closest friends to wrap up summer 2016.  We had a beautiful 8 bedroom house on the beach and enjoyed a ton of beach volleyball, puzzling, crab hunting, swimming, boogie boarding, tanning, eating, drinking and laughing. Even though getting to and from can be a bit painful it is always worth it.  Here are the pictures to tell the story of our week.
My co-pilot caught a nap. He was on shift the night before we left.

We drove half way to Vicksburg, where we enjoyed free happy hour and pool.
Our only hiccup on the first leg was that Ryan got carsick an hour in and threw up.

Day 2- last leg to Destin, girls stretching their legs when we stopped to eat.
Poor Ryan went straight to her bunk bed when we got there.
She was not feeling well and we discovered later she was running a fever.
Pj checking out the deck.
our view
She finally felt good on second day!

Emma and Beckett wasted no time!

Polly wasn't to sure about the beach at first

Amanda was a big help with Polly

My surfer girl

My beach baby

My pretty girl.

Beckett and Emma slow dancing!

At a firemen's wedding.

Ryan came with us.
Kellie kept Emma and Polly for us.
At the wedding this little boy (also named Ryan) was crazy about our Ryan.

He asked her to dance.
It was so cute.
She was so giddy and shy.
Chris kicking off the glow stick dance party back at the house.

Skinny Minnie!

Emma is so much fun!
My guy.
Griff passed out after a heavy day of drinking!

Pouty pants.

We discovered Polly loves Doritos

Polly loved hanging with Griffin.

My biggest girl.

Walking into LuLu's
My pretty big girls.

The Hammonds
The Adolphs
The Dellers
The Tharps
The Ivies

Polly was done!

The men

The ladies

The Deller's successful jump picture.
Our failed!
But it does look like I just remembered school starts Monday!

Yay for back to school!

Looking so big!

Big girls got their hair braided.

Last toast on the last night.
Great friends, great trip!

The drive from Destin to Vicksburg was brutal.
Worst leg, hands down.
6 hours of hell.
Emma was in a great mood.....
See how much fun we were having!
Glad to be out of the car and at the hotel!

Last leg, crossing the mighty Mississippi.
Eating in Shreveport before we make it home.

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