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The Ivie Family Blog

Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of Second and Kinder

The even years......
2 kids in elementary! I can't believe it.  Emma was so ready and so excited.  The only concern she had was that someone might eat a banana near her.  She is still so repulsed by bananas. Ryan was excited for second grade and had high hopes for a better teacher.

Ready for second grade!
Ready to own kindergarten!
Grandpa brought donuts and words of wisdom!
Polly is all about Mamaw right now.

The even years.
So happy they will have each other at school.

Emma plans to become an engineer.

Ryan plans to be an artist and live in Paris.

Proud of our girls.
Emma and Eleanor outside Hill.

Ryan has Mrs. Barzyk and she got to choose her desk.
She chose to sit by Finn. :-)
Emma has Mrs. Hoelscher who we know and LOVE!

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