The Ivie Family Blog

The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Ryan and I ran to the library and Tom Thumb and ended up with a puppy!  Well, it kind of went like that.  We left the library and were heading to the store and we stopped to pet a few dogs that were up for adoption.  Long story short, we fell in love with one of them and the foster mom told us that the only requirement was that she needed to be placed in a home with kids!  That pretty much sealed the deal for me.  We left and went home to grab the rest of our crew to head to Ryan's cheer party and we decided to stop back by to see what Chris and Emma and PJ thought of the dog.  Next thing you knew we headed to Ryan's cheer party with our new dog! Not what I had planned for the day, but it was meant to be.  We named her Maggie, she is about 8 months old and she is very calm and sweet and LOVES the girls!  Murph thought it was Christmas when we brought her home.  He is so happy to have a friend again.  It has been one year since we lost Ivy, and Murph has been very lonely. We are all in love with our Maggie. She is the first pet (if you don't count Fiona the fish) that the girls have picked out.

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