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The Ivie Family Blog

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2017

Get ready for a mega post!  Lots of pictures from lots of fun Thanksgiving memories.  We celebrated three times, once with Mamaw and Pa, once with Gran and PawPaw and once with Uncle Devin and Aunt Mis. We didn't get to celebrate with the Ivies because unfortunately Uncle Zach was in the hospital.  We plan to do a make up soon!
I ran the Arlington Turkey Trot with Janell to start the day.

Below are pictures from Thanksgiving at Mamaw and Pa's. This was the first family holiday that my sister and her family chose to attend in the last 8 years.

Always thankful for this guy!

My smallest gift!

Drama Ryan

Emma getting down on a turkey leg.

Lots of basketball was played!

Pretty Ryan

Daphne posing

Emma and Cooper

Pretty Emma

Ryan volunteered (without being asked to) and gave our Thanksgiving prayer.
She did a great job.

Aunt Whitney and Pollyanna

Uncle Steve and Calvin

Pa watching some hoops

The cousins! Love this picture!


Calvin supervising

Mamaw and Pa having fun with their grandkids.

Thanksgiving with Gran and PawPaw:

The girls beat Chris at Bingo!

Gran with her girls.

The tire swing in Gran's backyard is always a hit!

Thanksgiving with Coxes:

Post hot tub snuggles by the fire!

Ryan led our group in singing Christmas carols.

Silly Unc Unc had her cracking up!

Uncle blew fire, I missed the photo!

Ryan with Tauri arms!

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