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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, December 10, 2016

20 months

Oh my sweet Polly, you are so much fun! You are totally toddler these days and really starting to say a lot! Here are your most favorite words and phrases:

Mommy- still the favorite!
Mammy- for Mamaw
No!!!  -You say it even when you mean yes!
I want mo'!
Dip Dip- what you call ketchup (Gran started this one!) and "I want mo'!" usually follows
Let's go highlanders- you don'y say the words but  just make the sound and then we do the clap part. 
Puppy- said in a really deep voice.
Night Night

You love: ketchup, your baby doll, the backyard: playset, trampoline, sandbox, Maggie, coloring, blocks, pacifier, sitting forward in your car seat, playing hide and seek with Emma, walks in the stroller, using a fork and spoon, being held by me.

My favorite thing you do right now is give everyone night night kisses.  When it is bedtime we say, "okay Polly go give night night kisses" and you stop what you are doing and run down the hall to find Ryan and give her a kiss and then you head for Emma's room to give her a kiss, then to Daddy and me.  It is so sweet.  Sometimes you even give a second round of kisses to us all. You are as sweet as you can be and we love you so much.
At library story time with Mamaw
Eating Vietnamese!

You play out in the backyard for hours.
You can climb up and down ladder and in and out of trampoline on your own!

Sweet snuggles

Feeding your baby

Bundled up for a run with Mom in the 40 degrees!

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