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The Ivie Family Blog

Thursday, March 10, 2016

11 months of PJ!

What a delight she is!  We all cannot get enough of her.  She is such a good and easy baby and adds so much fun to our family. She is also very tough, thanks to all the man handling she gets from Emma. Poor gal got sick this past month with flu and double ear infections, but besides that she has been very healthy.  We did discover (the hard way) that she is allergic to penicillin, just like me.  Poor little Boo!
We will see the doctor next month when she turns one and find out her weight and height.  She is my littlest baby but you wouldn't think it if you watched her eat.  Girl likes to shovel food!
She is wearing 12 month clothes, size 3 diapers and has yet to put a pair of shoes on so I have no idea what size her foot is.  She hates socks (and takes them off anytime I put them on), so I can only imagine she will not be a fan of shoes.  I see no point in baby shoes before they walk so she may be shoe free for a bit more, and it's warmer out so I may not get dirty looks when she is sock free now! She still only says "da-da", she waves bye bye and still enjoys patty cake.  She loves to be tickled and we love to tickle her - her laugh is infectious! She likes to pull to stand and play but don't you dare try to make her take some steps.  She is NOT interested. (Fine by me!) She is nowhere near walking and I am in no hurry to have a walking baby.  She can cover some serious ground crawling, I can only imagine trying to keep up with her walking.  She is into EVERYTHING!  If there is a drawer she will open it and quickly remove all its contents.  She can destroy the big girls rooms in less than a minute. If its small it is in her mouth (not good when one of your sisters has a Shopkins collection and loves tiny toys!) She loves all solid food and still only has 2 bottom teeth. She has zero interest in pureed foods though and only wants the real stuff!  She still loves bath time, especially when she is in the tub with her sisters.  She takes 3-4 4-6 oz bottles a day and we will start introducing cow's milk in a couple weeks.  We are down to the last of the frozen breast milk. She sleeps 12-13 hours a night and still takes 2 long naps. She loves the paci and usually always has one clipped to her. Her hair is really coming in and is a pretty light brown color. We love our Pollyanna and all feel so lucky every day that we get to wake up and play with "our baby". Emma says "she is so adorable" at least 2-3 times a day. And she is! We are already planning her first birthday party and are very excited (and a little sad) to throw our last first birthday. Here are a few pics of our big 11 month old PJ.

That one long hair cracks me up!

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