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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We went to Disney Land a week ago so we didn't have any crazy plans for Spring Break but we did have a list of fun things that the girls wanted to accomplish, along with sleeping in every day.  The girls slept until 9 and 10 daily! We had a beautiful week of weather so we spent a lot of time outside enjoying it. 

Here is the list that they made and we completed during our Spring Break 2016:

1. See Zootopia movie - Mamaw took them to it.
2. Go to Yoberry- Grandpa took them.
3. Play at Mamaw and Pa's - this occured a number of times! 
4. Paint fingernails - I gave them each a pedi/mani
5. Eat donuts- Mamaw and Pa brought over Shipleys
6. Play with Beckett and Britton- we got to see them for dinner twice.
7. Easter craft with Gramma- Peg came over and the girls made some beautiful Easter vases and eggs
8. Eat Mad Mike's ice cream- we went with the Tharps
9. Movie night at home - we had a few of these!
10. Go on an adventure- we went to Waco, stayed in a hotel with a pool and visited the Waco Mammoth National Monument the girls also cheered me on at my 1/2 marathon.

There were a few items we didn't get to do, but have plans to get done soon. The girls want to paint at Creative Hands and go ice skating at the Parks Mall. 

I didn't take many pictures because I was also relaxing this spring break, but here are a few!

They pulled out their nap mats for movie night.
Sidewalk chalk with Mamaw
Spring manicure
Pancakes and hot chocolate at IHOP with Mamaw on St Patty's Day

PJ loves some donuts!

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