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The Ivie Family Blog

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ryan's Orthodontic Adventure Begins

Ryan got to see Dr. Moody Alexander (whom I love!) to get evaluated for her future with orthodontics. She had a permanent tooth pop up in a spot it should not be last month so we decided to take her in and see if there is anything we need to do now.  Ryan was very brave and Moody and his staff were absolutely excellent, as expected. He took a bunch of measurements and x-rays and really explained how we will go forward.  Ryan's 6 year molars are still not completely in and she needs to lose two more top teeth before we can get started.  She got teeth later and is losing them later as well, so we have time before we get started.  Moody could tell from x-ray that she will lose her top right side tooth next ( he predicted by spring break) and then the top left after that (by summer he predicted).  He did not want to place a spacer in her lower mouth because she has a proportionate sized jaw for her small boned/sized frame and he didn't want to make it bigger, because you can never make it smaller.  He did say we may have to end up extracting a tooth in the future, but we will wait and see on her next visit. We have an appointment to come back to see him in October and that is when the fun will begin.  :-)
He did give Ryan some homework. He told her to use her tongue to push her tooth forward and to also find him at church and say hi.
After months of waiting for her fourth permanent tooth to show up, it did....
Just in the wrong spot.  There was no room so it made it's own back row.
Ryan helping hold her mouth open for pictures.

We came home with lots of pictures and x-rays.
I thought this profile was pretty cool!

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