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The Ivie Family Blog

Saturday, January 28, 2017

She is SIX!

Our Sweet Pea, Emma Reese, is SIX!  This momma can't believe it.  I still feel like she is four.......
She was so excited to wake up and be six! She creamed out "I am six!" the moment her little eyes popped open.  I feel so lucky that I have gotten six full years of Emma.  Anyone who knows her, loves her.  And EVERYBODY knows Emma, she is hard to miss!  Happy birthday to Emma!

Ryan is officially 7.5 today and she got a "sister" gift.

Emma got her first real American Girl doll.

She loves her new pancho so much.  She wears it non-stop!

Organizing all her new AG stuff.
She chose a Shopkins theme this year for her party at Pump It Up

Another awesome creation by Aunt Rocks!
Even with a broken leg she finds a way to make Emma's cake!

She had a great time at her party and we had a great turn out- 22 friends! SO fun!

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